DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 含 Xbee 藍芽串口 SD卡座


DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 含 Xbee 藍芽串口 SD卡座

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DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 含 Xbee 藍芽串口 SD卡座

Arduino MEGA的端口資源非常豐富,DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 含 Xbee 藍芽串口 SD卡座  擁有54個數字IO口和16個模擬端口。但是它的GND卻只有3個,如果用普通的麵包板接線的話,你會看到密密麻麻的佈線。而且如果有一個端口接觸不良或者短路,你得花大力氣找出到底是哪個接口出了問題。繁瑣的接線成為發揮MEGA特長的一大障礙。因此我們強烈推薦這款MEGA傳感器擴展板V2.4。

DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 集成了5大擴展功能:XBEE和SD插口、3P數字和模擬接口、原型洞洞板、Arduino通用擴展板插口和外接電源接線柱。

  • XBEE和SD插口:該擴展板一共集成了3個XBEE接口(COM0/1/2),不用另接Xbee擴展。SD卡槽是MEGA的擴展,能大大提升MEGA的存儲量。
  • IO傳感器接口:相比V1.2擴展板,新版本保留了40個3P數字口和16個模擬口,能夠兼容DFRobot的大部分傳感器。
  • 原型板:用戶可以根據自己的需求,焊接排針或者線路,充分利用MEGA的資源。
  • 疊加擴展板:許多老版擴展板就只有3P端口,用戶無法添加電機驅動、wifi和GSM/GPRS等擴展板。可惜了MEGA的強大資源。V2.3完全能夠解決這種問題。
  • 電源接線柱是設施。但是我們細心的工程師為它添加了一個開關。


DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展版

DFRobot Arduino Mega 專用感測器擴展板 技術規格

  • DFRobot Mega 專用感測器擴展板 兼容Arduino MEGA1280、Arduino MEGA2560、Arduino MEGA ADK、Google ADK
  • 前半部分兼容Power shield、wifi shield、USB host shield、Motor shield等等
  • 擴展40個數字IO口(34個舵機接口)及電源
  • 16個模擬IO口及電源
  • 1個數字端口外接電源接線柱
  • 1個數字端口外部供電和板載電源切換開關
  • 1個ISP下載接口
  • 3個串口外接接口
  • 1個複位按鈕
  • 3個Xbee/Bluetooh Bee藍牙無線數傳接口
  • 1個IIC/I2C/TWI接口
  • 1個Micro SD卡插座
  • 擴展麵包孔若干
  • 指示燈(PIN13)
  • 平面尺寸:130x58mm


Gravity: IO Sensor Shield For Arduino Mega Due

ay goodbye to messy cables and clueless pluging/unpluging! This  Sensor Shield  is a powerful expansion shield  for Arduino Mega Due. It is large enough to carry up to 3 Xbee slots, 1 microSD slot and shield headers for most Arduino shields on the market. Besides, we also added a prototyping area for convenience and adaptability for customized projects.
The breakouts for Digital pins are 14 to 53, Analog pins 6 to 15 and PWM pins 2 to 9. All pinout is a Gravity interface which allows plug-play of Gravity series sensors.  And standard Arduino UNO pinout is reserved to stack more Arduino Shield. This shield can really be a major communications hub or “Mothership” for your Arduino, robot or IOT projects.
Each Xbee socket is connected to a different pin. Xbee socket 1 is connected to the main Serial port. While Xbee socket 2 to Serial1() and Xbee socket 3 to Serial2() on Arduino IDE.

The board has an integrated voltage regulator for 3.3v, a convenient reset push button topside and the standard on board LED that you can use for testing or debugging.A external power connector for servos, as in other products of this family. If you need to power a large array of servos, use the screw terminals to connect your power supply and just drive it directly from your Mega.

The microSD will be great if you are planning on doing sensor monitoring for research and data gathering for your algorithms, increase your automatic systems performance with accumulated data.


  • Compatible with most Arduino shields
  • Compatible with Arduino Mega boards / DFRobot megaADK / Arduino megaADK
  • Extended TTL connection pins for four Serial ports
  • DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more modules or electronic components
  • 3 Xbee slots
  • 1 microSD slot
  • Power switch between Arduino Mega or external
  • Size: 125 x 57 mm(4.92×2.24″)




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