VEML6070 紫外線指數感測器模組 紫外線指數感測器模組 直接顯示 UV 指數


VEML6070 紫外線指數感測器模組 紫外線指數感測器模組 直接顯示 UV 指數

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VEML6070 紫外線指數感測器模組 是為任何微控制器項目添加UV光傳感的好方法。Vishay的VEML6070具有真正的UV A光傳感器和I2C控制的ADC,可在約60ms至500ms內讀取並集成它們。與Si1145不同,此傳感器不會為您提供UV指數讀數。然而,Si1145基於光照水平而不是真正的UV感測進行UV折射近似。相比之下,VEML6070在紫外光譜中確實有一個真正的光傳感器。它還有一個更簡單的I2C接口,因此您可以輕鬆地在最小的微控制器上運行它。


紫外線指數英語:Ultra-violet Index)指的是在某一天某個地點受到太陽紫外線(UV)輻射強度的國際計量標準。這種級數主要用於日常預報中且針對對象是一般大眾。

VEML6070 紫外線指數感測器模組

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VEML6070 ultraviolet light sensor

VEML6070 is an advanced ultraviolet (UV) light sensor with I2C protocol interface and designed by the CMOS process. It is easily operated via a simple I2C command. The active acknowledge (ACK) feature with threshold windows setting
allows the UV sensor to send out a UVI alert message. Under a strong solar UVI condition, the smart ACK signal can be easily implemented by the software programming. VEML6070 incorporates a photodiode, amplifiers, and analog / digital circuits into a single chip. VEML6070’s adoption of FiltronTM UV technology provides the best spectral sensitivity to cover UV spectrum sensing. It has an excellent temperature compensation and a robust refresh rate setting that does not use an external RC low pass filter.

VEML6070 has linear sensitivity to solar UV light and is easily adjusted by an external resistor. Software shutdown mode is provided, which reduces power consumption to be less than 1 μA. VEML6070’s operating voltage ranges from 2.7 V to 5.5 V.

You can find out about the UV index at the following link –



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