MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 Digispark 使用 Arduino IDE 開發方便取代 Nano V3


MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 Digispark 使用 Arduino IDE 開發方便取代 Nano V3

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MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 Digispark 使用 Arduino IDE 開發方便取代 Nano V3

MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板(16.0Mhz)的微控制器開發板類似於 Arduino 系列,只是更便宜,體積更小,功能更強大。由於能夠 使用熟悉的 Arduino IDE,MH-ET LIVE Tiny88(16.0Mhz)是跳入電子產品的理想選擇,或者適用於其他電路板太大或太大的情況 . MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 裝運完全除了包括頭部並且易於自己焊接它們。

MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 特色:

  • 支持Arduino IDE 1.0+(OSX / Win / Linux)
  • 通過USB或外部電源供電 – 5v或7-35v(推薦12v或更低,自動選擇)
  • 板載500ma 5V穩壓器
  • 內置USB
  • 26個I / O引腳(僅當您的程序通過 USB 主動通信時,2個用於  USB,否則即使您通過USB編程也可以使用全部6個)
  • 8k閃存(引導程序後大約6k)
  • I2C和SPI
  • 26-PWM(帶軟件PWM的26個引腳,帶硬件PWM的僅2個(D9,D10))
  • 8引腳上的ADC
  • 電源LED和測試/狀態LED
  • 尺寸(mm):44.5×18.3×3

MH-Tiny ATTINY88 微型開發板 引腳排列:


MH-Tiny ATTINY88 micro development board 16Mhz /Digispark ATTINY85 Upgraded /NANO V3.0 ATmega328 Extended Compatible for Arduino


The MH-ET LIVE Tiny88(16.0Mhz) based microntroler devlopment board simlar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaler,and a bit less powerful. With the abilty to use the familar Aduino IDE the MH-ET LIVE Tiny8(16.0Mhz) is a great board to jump into elctronics, or perfct for when a other board is to big or to much. The MH-ET LIVE Tiny8(16.0Mhz) is shiped fuly asembled except for the headers include and easy to slder them byourself.


  • Suport for the Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux)
  • Power via USB or External Source – 5v or 7-35v (12v or les recomende, automatic selction)
  • On-board 50ma 5V Regulator
  • Built-in USB
  • 26 I/O Pins (2 are used for USB only if your pogram actively comunicates over
    USB, otherwise you can use al 6 evn if you are progaming via USB)
  • 8k Flash Memory (about 6k after botloader)
  • I2C and SPI
  • 26-PWM (26 pins with Software PWM,only two(D9,10) withardware PWM )
  • ADC on 8 pins
  • Power LED and Test/Satus LED
  • Size(m):4.5×18.3×3

Installation Instructions:

  • First download the appropriate Arduino package at the website:
  • If using Arduino 1.6.6 or higher and windows – you will need to download and install the drivers manually. Download, unzip and run “Install Drivers” (on 32bit systems) or “DPInst64” (on 64bit systems). The driver files are located here:
  • Install or Unzip the Arduino application.
  • Run the Arduino application.
  • In the Arduino application go to the “File” menu and select “Preferences”,In the box labeled “Additional Boards Manager URLs” enter: and click OK;
  • Go to the “Tools” menu and then the “Board” submenu – select “Boards Manager” and then from the type drop down select “Contributed”:
  • Select the “MH-ET LIVE Boards” package and click the “Install” button.
  • You’ll see the download progress on the bottom bar of the “Boards Manager” window, when complete it will show “Installed” next to that item on the list.
  • WINDOWS USERS: When complete the install with pop up a Driver Install Wizard window, please click “Next” on this Window to install the drivers for MH-ET LIVE Boards (If you already have them installed, this installer will update them and install any that are missing).
  • With the install complete, close the “Boards Manager” window and select the MH-ET LIVE Boards “MH-ET LIVE Tiny88(16.0Mhz)” from the Tools→Boards menu.
  • Choose the example that comes with the Arduino IDE: Select the development board as MH-ET LIVE Tiny88 in the toolbar, open the program in File >> Example >> Basic>>Blink, change the port 13 in the program to 0. Port, compile and download into the MH-ET LIVE Tiny88(16.0Mhz) according to the above method, it can be seen that the onboard LED light flashes according to the frequency specified by the program.(note: When downloading the program, do not connect the module first, wait for the prompt to insert the module after compiling, then plug it in and wait for the automatic download to complete).



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