Line Follower 類比型循線模組 循跡模組 SparkFun 進口


Line Follower 類比型循線模組 循跡模組 SparkFun 進口

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Line Follower 類比型循線模組 循跡模組 SparkFun 進口

Line Follower 類比型循線模組 是 打造自走車的附加組件,它使您的機器人能夠檢測到線條或附近的物體。該傳感器通過檢測來自其自身紅外LED的反射光來工作。通過測量反射的紅外光量,它可以檢測從亮到暗(線條)甚至直接在其前面的物體的過渡。

該傳感器具有3針接頭,可通過母跳線與母跳線直接連接到 Arduino 主板。使用隨附的 RedBo t庫檢測線或對象。安裝孔使您可以輕鬆地將其中一個或多個連接到機器人機箱的正面或背面。


  • 5VDC工作電壓
  • 安裝孔
  • 25mA電源電流
  • 最佳感應距離:0.125英寸(3毫米)
  • 0.32 x 1.18英寸(8.22 x 30.14毫米)


The Line Follower sensor is an add-on for your RedBot that gives your robot the ability to detect lines or nearby objects. The sensor works by detecting reflected light coming from its own infrared LED. By measuring the amount of reflected infrared light, it can detect transitions from light to dark (lines) or even objects directly in front of it.

The sensor has a 3-pin header which connects directly to the RedBot Mainboard via female to female jumper wires. Use the included RedBot library to detect lines or objects. A mounting hole lets you easily connect one or more of these to the front or back of your robot chassis.

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