TOF Sense 雷射測距模組 (5m) TOF技術的鐳射測距感測器,量程為 5m


TOF Sense 雷射測距模組 (5m) TOF技術的鐳射測距感測器,量程為 5m

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TOF Sense雷射測距模組 (5m) 一款基於TOF技術的鐳射測距感測器,量程為5m,可用於距離檢測,機器人避障,無人機定高等領域

TOF Sense雷射測距模組 是一款基於TOF(飛行時間)技術的鐳射測距感測器,測距範圍是1cm-5m,距離解析度1mm,誤差僅為±1.5cm,資料更新頻率10Hz;支持15°~27°可調視場角,想看的範圍由自己決定;還支持UART和CAN通信,可通過設置選擇適合自己的通信方式;支援主動與查詢輸出資料,讓資料獲取更加自由。產品尺寸僅為35.58*12*8.05mm,小巧的體積但卻蘊含著大大的能量,可作為測距工具進行距離檢測;也可作為機器人避障,選擇合適的路線行進;還可用于無人機定高、路線規劃等領域。

TOF Sense雷射測距模組 (5m) 一款基於TOF技術的鐳射測距感測器,量程為5m,可用於距離檢測,機器人避障,無人機定高等領域


注:UART介面最多支援級聯8 個,CAN介面最多支援級聯7個;級聯測距下,適合 UART 查詢、CAN 查詢、CAN 主動輸出三種方式。

TOF Sense雷射測距模組 (5m) 一款基於TOF技術的鐳射測距感測器


  • 工作電壓:5V
  • 工作電流:06A
  • 通信介面:UART和CAN

UART(2 個介面可同時作為 UART 介面,TTL 信號線電平 3.3V。串列傳輸速率默認為 921600)

CAN(2 個介面可同時作為 CAN 介面;串列傳輸速率默認為 1Mbps)

  • 級聯數量:UART介面最多支援級聯8 個,CAN介面最多支援級聯7個
  • 盲區距離:1cm
  • 典型測距範圍:




  • 典型測距精度:



長距:精度±1.5cm,標準差<0.5cm@[0.01,3]m 範圍,標準差<8cm@[3,5]m 範圍

  • 波長:940nm(符合Class1 標準)
  • 視場角(FOV):15°~27°(多檔位可調)
  • 供電電壓:7V~5.2V(所有通信介面電源都是具備電氣連接的,供電介面可以為任意一個介面)
  • 功耗:290mW(UART 主動輸出,長距離測距模式下,供電電壓0V,電流 58mA)
  • 產品重量:7g
  • 尺寸:58mm*12mm*8.05mm


TOF Sense Laser Range Sensor (5m)

TOF Sense is a TOF-based (Time of Flight) laser ranging sensor that offers 1cm-5m detection range, 1mm resolution, ± 1.5cm error, and 10Hz data update frequency. The sensor supports 15 ° ~ 27 ° adjustable FOV, UART and CAN communication (selected by setting). Besides, it allows users to actively query the output data, making data acquisition much easier. With a size of 35.58 * 12 * 8.05mm, this small and compact sensor can be used as a distance-measuring tool for distance detection, a robot to avoid obstacles, and can also be used in drones areas such as altitude setting and route planning.TOF Sense Laser Range Sensor (5m)

Detection Diagram

The difference from other ranging sensors is that this sensor reserves two identical communication interfaces. When setting IDs for each sensor and connecting multiple sensors in series, the ranging information of all sensors can be read by just one communication interface.

Note: The UART interface supports a maximum of 8 cascades, and the CAN interface supports 7 cascades at most. Under cascade distance-measuring, it is suitable for UART query, CAN query, and CAN active output.

TOF Sense Laser Range Sensor (5m)

Cascade Distance-measuring Diagram

TOF Sense Laser Range Sensor (5m)



  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Current: 0.06A
  • Communication Interface: UART, CAN

UART (two interfaces can be used as UART simultaneously, 3.3V TTL, 921600 default band rate)
CAN (two interfaces can be used as CAN simultaneously, 1Mbps default band rate)

  • Maximum Cascading Number: 8 for UART, 7 for CAN
  • Blind Zone: 1cm
  • Typical Detection Range:

Short-range: 0.012m~2.16m
Mid-range: 0.012m~3.60m
Long-range: 0.01m~5.00m

  • Typical Detection Accuracy:

Short-range: accuracy±1.0cm, standard deviation<0.3cm
Mid-range: accuracy±1.0cm, standard deviation<1.5cm
Long-range: accuracy±1.5cm, standard deviation<0.5cm@[0.01,3]m range, standard deviation<8cm@[3,5]m range

  • Wavelength: 940nm (compliant Class 1 Standard)
  • FOV: 15°~27° (adjustable)
  • Power Supply: 3.7V~5.2V (the power supplies of all communication interfaces are electrically connected, so any interface can be power supply interface.)
  • Power Consumption: 290mW (UART active output, long-range detection, 5.0 power supply)
  • Weight: 2.7g
  • Dimension: 35.58 * 12 * 8.05mm/1.40*0.47*0.32”




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