YDS-5 DC-DC 降壓穩壓電源模組12-36V 轉 5V/2.5A 短路保護高效率


YDS-5 DC-DC 降壓穩壓電源模組12-36V 轉 5V/2.5A 短路保護高效率

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YDS-5 DC-DC 降壓穩壓電源模組12-36V 轉 5V/2.5A 短路保護高效率

YDS2R508E DC-DC 降壓板 12V-36V 轉5V YDS-05A 端子版穩定穩壓電源模組對於省電的目的是友好的豐電工(YEC)的環境中,電路設計中,我們回顧如結構設計部分的優化的各種設備。IC開關穩壓器“YDS 2 R 500 e系列”是一款DC-DC轉換器,有助於綠色IT追求節能,小型化和低價格。


YDS-05A DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module 12V-36V to 5V High Efficiency

100% Brand New and High Quality.
Product Shape: Same as the picture show
1. Size: 50mm x 30mm x 32mm
2. Type: YDS-05A Module
3. High efficiency Low loss
4. Input voltage: VIN: 12-36V
5. Output voltage VOUT: 5V
6. Output current (maximum) Iout (MAX): 2.5A (can be used for a long time with full load)
7. Efficiency: 97% (MAX) The smaller the input-output differential pressure, the higher the efficiency
8. Ripple: less than 30mV
9. Working temperature: (-45 ℃) + (85 ℃)
10. Out voltage 12-36V, VIN access input, GND then input negative
11. Output voltage 5V, VOUT then output positive, GND then output negative
12. Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%

1. Protection circuit: current limit, overheating protection, self-healing
2. Easy to use, only need to provide 15-36V, will be able to get the output voltage of 12V, for car charging, battery charging and so on.
3. Chip professional large size of the thermal design, so that the module can be more efficient to provide a sufficient guarantee.

  • Input voltage 12-36V, VIN then input positive, CND then input negative
  • Output voltage 5V, VOUT connected to the input positive, CND then input negative
  • Output current: maximum rated current 2.5A
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 97%, ultra-high efficiency, input and output pressure difference is smaller, the higher the efficiency
  • Protection circuit: current limiting, overheating protection, self-recovery



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