W5100 乙太網路模組 RJ45 有線網路通訊模組 SPI 通訊


W5100 乙太網路模組 RJ45 有線網路通訊模組 SPI 通訊

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W5100 乙太網路模組 RJ45 有線網路通訊模組 SPI 通訊

W5100 是一款多功能的單片網絡接口晶片,內部集成有 10/100 以太網控制器,主要應用於高集成、高穩定、高性能和低成本的嵌入式系統中。使用 W5100 可以實現沒有操作系統的 Internet 連接。W5100 與 IEEE802.3 10BASE-T 和 802.3u 100BASE-TX 兼容。W5100 內部集成了全硬件的、且經過多年市場驗證的 TCP/IP 協議棧、以太網介質傳輸層( MAC )和物理層( PHY )。使用 W5100 不需要考慮以太網的控制,只需要進行簡單的端口( Socket )編程。

•多種接口可以選擇:直接總線、間接總線和SPI 總線;
•多達4 個獨立端口;
•內部集成16KBYTE 收發緩存;
•支持自動極性轉換(DMI/MDIX );
• 3.3V 供電,IO 信號兼容5V 電壓;
•自帶網口,雙排2*14 2.0mm 插針;

兼容Arduino 的官方以太網庫。


W5100 Ethernet Module Network Module

W5100Is a multi-functional monolithic network interface chip, the internal integration10/100Ethernet controller, mainly used in Gao Jicheng, high stability, high performance and low cost embedded system. UseW5100Can be implemented without the operating systemInternetConnect¡£W5100and10BASE-T IEEE802.3and100BASE-TX 802.3uCompatible.W5100The internal integration of the whole hardware, and after many years of market verificationTCP/IPProtocol stack, Ethernet media transport layer.MACAnd physical layer (PHY). UseW5100Ethernet control is not required, just a simple port is required.SocketProgramming.
productCharacteristic A variety of interfaces can be selected: direct bus, indirect bus, andSPIBus; Support hardwareTCP/IPProtocol stack, supportTCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, IPv4,ARP, PPPoE. As many as4Independent port; Internal integration16KBYTESend and receive buffer; A variety of information indicating the output, includingRX, TX, Full/Duplex, Colision, Link, Speed; Support automatic polarity conversion.DMI/MDIX); -3.3VPower supply,IOSignal compatibility5VVoltage£» – with the network port, double row2.0mm 2*14Pin;
compatibleArduinoOfficial Ethernet library.

Package Included:
1 x W5100 Ethernet module



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