VEML6075 UV Light Sensor Breakout 紫外線光感測器 – 具 Qwiic 接口 SparkFun 原裝進口


VEML6075 UV Light Sensor Breakout 紫外線光感測器 – 具 Qwiic 接口 SparkFun 原裝進口

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VEML6075 UV Light Sensor Breakout 紫外線光感測器 是SparkFun最新的紫外傳感解決方案。 VEML6075 採用簡單的光電二極管來測量UVA(320-400nm)和UVB(280-320nm)輻射的水平。通過這個突破,您將能夠讀取輻照度中這些類型光的強度,並從那裡計算紫外線指數。利用我們便捷的Qwiic系統,無需焊接即可將其連接到系統的其他部分。但是,如果您更喜歡使用麵包板,我們仍然會打破0.1“空間引腳。

UV光傳感器突破具有兩種光譜範圍的測量,UVA(365±10nm)和UVB(330±10nm),能夠將紫外光強度轉換為數字數據供您閱讀。VEML6075具有簡單的I 2 C接口,非常適合我們的 Qwiic Connect系統,同時不需要任何電壓轉換。


  • 工作電壓:1.7V-3.6V
  • 供電電流:480μA
  • UVA分辨率:0.93計數/μW/ cm 2
  • UVA分辨率:2.1計數/μW/ cm 2
  • 2x Qwiic連接器
  • 2 C地址:0x10

VEML6075 UV Light Sensor Breakout 紫外線光感測器


SparkFun UV Light Sensor Breakout – VEML6075 (Qwiic)

The VEML6075 UV Light Sensor Breakout is SparkFun’s latest ultraviolet sensing solution. The VEML6075 implements a simple photodiode to measure the levels of UVA (320-400nm) and UVB (280-320nm) radiation. With this breakout, you will be able to read the intensity of these types of light in irradiance, and from there, calculate the UV Index. Utilizing our handy Qwiic system, no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system. However, we still have broken out 0.1″-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard.

The UV Light Sensor Breakout has two spectrum ranges of measurement, UVA (365 ±10nm), and UVB (330 ±10nm) and is capable of converting ultraviolet light intensity to digital data for you to read. The VEML6075 features a simple I2C interface, making it perfect for our Qwiic Connect System, while at the same time not requiring any voltage translation.

We’ve also written an Arduino library for the VEML6075 Breakout in order for you to begin reading UV sensor data even faster!


  • Operating Voltage: 1.7V-3.6V
  • Supply Current: 480 µA
  • UVA Resolution: 0.93 counts/µW/cm2
  • UVA Resolution: 2.1 counts/µW/cm2
  • 2x Qwiic Connectors
  • I2C Address: 0x10




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