Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 8 路 IO擴展板 / 支援樹莓派與 Arduino 最多可擴展至 64 個


Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 8 路 IO擴展板 / 支援樹莓派與 Arduino 最多可擴展至 64 個

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Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 8 路 IO擴展板 / 讓你的 Arduino 擴展更多的腳位 最多可擴展至 64 個 支援樹莓派與 Arduino 最多可擴展至 64 個

您是否希望自己只有幾個GPIO引腳?如果您只需要再一根銷怎麼辦?您可以在項目中添加另一個微控制器,但這會增加成本和復雜性。相反,您可以使用  Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 8 路 IO擴展板 向您的Qwiic項目添加八個新的引腳!

Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 8 路 IO擴展板 是基於Texas Instruments TCA9534 I / O擴展器IC的I²C器件。評估板上增加了八個IO引腳,您可以像在控制器上的任何其他數字引腳一樣對其進行讀寫。I²C接口的詳細信息已在Arduino庫中處理,因此您可以調用類似於ArduinopinMode和的函數digitalWrite,從而使您可以專注於自己的創作!

TCA9534的引腳被分斷到易於使用的閂鎖端子。切勿將另一根電線擰緊!端子本身相對較寬敞,因此可以將多根電線鎖緊到接地或電源端子中。通過三個可自定義的地址跳線,您可以在一條總線上連接多達八個Qwiic GPIO板,從而允許多達64個額外的GPIO引腳!默認的I²C為0x27,可以通過調整電路板背面的跳線進行更改。


  • 八個可配置的GPIO引腳可用
  • 2 C地址:0x27(默認)
    • 硬件地址引腳在一條總線上最多允許八個板
  • 輸入極性反轉寄存器
  • 單獨或同時控制每個I / O引腳
  • 開漏低電平有效中斷輸出
  • 2個Qwiic連接器
  • 尺寸:2.40英寸x 1.50英寸(60.96毫米x 38.10毫米)


Do you find yourself wishing that you had just a few more GPIO pins? What if you only need that one more pin? You could add another microcontroller to your project but that increases cost and complexity. Instead, you can use the Qwiic GPIO to add eight new pins to your Qwiic project!

The Sparkfun Qwiic GPIO is an I²C device based around the TCA9534 I/O Expander IC from Texas Instruments. The board adds an additional eight IO pins which you can read and write just like any other digital pin on your controller. The details of the I²C interface have been taken care of in an Arduino library so you can call functions similar to Arduino’s pinMode and digitalWrite, allowing you to focus on your creation!

The TCA9534’s pins are broken out to easy-to-use latch terminals; never screw another wire into place! The terminals are relatively roomy themselves, so feel free to latch multiple wires into a ground or power terminal. With three customizable address jumpers, you can have up to eight Qwiic GPIO boards to be connected on a single bus allowing upwards of 64 additional GPIO pins! The default I²C is 0x27 and can be changed by adjusting the jumpers on the back of the board.


  • Eight Configurable GPIO Pins Available
  • I2C Address: 0x27 (Default)
    • Hardware address pins allow up to eight boards on a single bus
  • Input Polarity Inversion Register
  • Control each I/O pin individually or all at once
  • Open-Drain Active-Low Interrupt Output
  • 2x Qwiic Connectors
  • Dimensions: 2.40in x 1.50in (60.96mm x 38.10mm)




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