Raspberry Pi PoE HAT 樹莓派 POE 網路供電擴展板 Pi4 專用


Raspberry Pi PoE HAT 樹莓派 POE 網路供電擴展板 Pi4 專用

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Raspberry Pi PoE HAT 樹莓派 POE 網路供電擴展板

Raspberry Pi PoE HAT 樹莓派 POE 網路供電擴展板(以太網供電)HAT 是Raspberry Pi 單板電腦專用的小型擴展板 , PoE HAT允許您使用支持以太網供電的網絡為Raspberry Pi供電。請注意,為了使該HAT有效運行,其所連接的網絡需要安裝用於802.3af以太網供電網絡的供電設備。要使PoE HAT正常運行,無需對Raspberry Pi主主板進行任何修改,但您需要確保您Pi的軟件是最新的,以便可以使用所有功能。Raspberry Pi PoE HAT裝有一個小風扇,該風扇由Raspberry Pi通過I 2 C控制,並將根據Pi上主處理器的溫度自動打開和關閉。


  • 802.3af PoE
  • 完全隔離的開關電源
  • DC 37-57V,2類設備
  • 5V / 2.5A DC輸出
  • 25mm x 25mm無刷風扇,用於處理器冷卻
  • 風扇控制


The Raspberry Pi PoE (Power over Ethernet) HAT is a small accessory board for the Raspberry Pi computer. The PoE HAT allows you to power your Raspberry Pi using Power over Ethernet–enabled networks. Please be aware that, for this HAT to work effectively, the network it is connected to needs to have power-sourcing equipment for a 802.3af Power over Ethernet network installed.

No modification to the main Raspberry Pi board is needed for the PoE HAT to work but you will need to ensure that your Pi’s software is up to date for all functionality to be available. The Raspberry Pi PoE HAT is fitted with a small fan that is controlled by the Raspberry Pi via I2C and will turn on and off automatically depending on the temperature of the main processor on your Pi.

Important:The Raspberry Pi PoE HAT can only be used with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or later (aka. also works with the Pi 4). Every other model of the Raspberry Pi does not have the corresponding PoE pins necessary to operate this HAT.


  • 802.3af PoE
  • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply
  • 37–57V DC, Class 2 device
  • 5V/2.5A DC output
  • 25mm x 25mm brushless fan for processor cooling
  • Fan control



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