GY-85 九軸 IMU 多功能感測器模組 ITG3205/ADXL345/HMC5883L 模組


GY-85 九軸 IMU 多功能感測器模組 ITG3205/ADXL345/HMC5883L 模組

NT$480 NT$420 (未稅)


GY-85 九軸 IMU 多功能感測器模組 ITG3205/ADXL345/HMC5883L 模組

  • GY-85 九軸 IMU 多功能感測器模組 (三軸陀螺儀 ITG3205 +三軸加速度 ADXL345 + 三軸磁場 HMC5883L)
  • 使用芯片:ITG3205+ADXL345+HMC5883L
  • 供電電源:3-5v
  • 通信方式:IIC通信協議(完全兼容3-5v系統,含LLC電路)
  • 尺寸:2.2cm*1.7cm


Wiring of the GY-85


GY-85 BMP085 Sensor Modules 9 Axis Sensor Module (ITG3205 +ADXL345 + HMC5883L)  9DOF IMU Sensor

The GY-85 contains three microcontroller, measuring acceleration, orientation and Earth’s magnetic field. Values can be gathered using the I2C protocol. The X-axis and the Y-axis are horizontal and the Z-axis is vertical. include Accelerometer (ADXL345)   Gyroscope (ITG3200)   Magnetometer (HMC5883L)

  • GY-85 9DOF IMU Sensor Module for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards)
  • Model GY-85
  • Quantity 1
  • Color Blue
  • Material PCB
  • Features Nine-axis module
  • (three-axis gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer + three-axis magnetic field);
  • Chip: ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L; Power supply :3-5V;
  • Communication : IIC communication protocol
  • (fully compatible with the 3-5v System, circuit contain LLC)
  • Application For DIY project

GY-85 Features:
Model : GY-85 — Multiple sensors in a chip or on a board.
9DOF : Sensor Module — Nine degrees of Freedom — 9 axis modules
Ultralow power : as low as 23 μA in measurement mode
Fixed 10-bit resolution Full resolution, up to 13-bit resolution at ±16 g
Free-fall detection
Supply voltage range : 2.0 V to 3.6 V
I2C digital interfaces : this board connect CS to 3.3V to tell the sensor we will be using it as an I2C device, and not an SPI device
3 Chips on board : They are (With their respective 7-bit addresses):
ADXL345 – 0x53 — Three axis acceleration
ITG3205 – 0x69 — Three axis gyroscope
HMC5883L – 0x1E — Three axis magnetic field
ps: for accel chip the alternate IIC address of 0x53 can be chosen by grounding the SDO/ALT ADDRESS pin (Pin 12). That’s exactly what this board does!



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