GT-U7  GPS 導航衛星定位模組 贈送 IPX有源天線 信號更強 兼容 Arduino NEO-6M 開發不用換程式碼 


GT-U7  GPS 導航衛星定位模組 贈送 IPX有源天線 信號更強 兼容 Arduino NEO-6M 開發不用換程式碼 

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GT-U7  GPS 導航衛星定位模組  贈送 IPX有源天線 信號更強 兼容 Arduino NEO-6M 開發不用換程式碼

GT-U7 主模組 GPS模組採用原裝 UBLOX 第7代芯片,軟件上也是兼容NEO-6M!帶有USB接口,可以直接用手機數據線在電腦上看定位效果。USB直連電腦,即用上位機自備串口功能,無需外接其他串口模塊,送IPX接口有源天線! GT-U7 GPS 導航衛星定位模組  ,具有高靈敏度、低功耗、小型化、其極高追踪靈敏度大大擴大了其定位的覆蓋面,在普通GPS接收模塊不能定位的地方,如狹窄都市天空下、密集的叢林環境,GT-U7都能高精度定位。模塊的高靈敏度、小靜態漂移、低功耗及輕巧的體積


  • 1.尺寸27.6×26.6 可直插或者選擇貼片(有定位孔)
  • 2.工作電壓:3.6V-5V (或者直接usb供電)
  • 3.工作波特率:9600 (可自行修改)
  • 4.帶IPEX天線接口,默認配送有源天線,可快速定位
  • 5.板載可充電鈕扣電池
  • 6.板載E2PROM 可以保存參數數據
  • 7.NEMA輸出格式兼容NEO-6M


  • 應用領域
  • 車載
  • 手持設備如PDA,車輛監控
  • 手機、攝像機及其他移動定位系統
  • 共享單車
  • 共享移動電源

Arduino 範例

Connect GPS Module to Arduino UNO as following :

  • VCC to 5V
  • GND to GND
  • RX to 9
  • TX to 10

模組尺寸:  27.6×26.6mm


GT-U7 Ublox GPS Module Compatible NEO-6M STM32 with EEPROM + Antenna for Arduino

GT-U7 main module GPS module using the original UBLOX 7th generation chip, Software is compatible with NEO-6M.
With a USB interface, you can directly use the phone data cable on the computer point of view positioning effect.
USB directly connected to the computer, That is, with the host computer-owned serial port function, no need for external serial module, send IPX interface active antenna!
GT-U7 module, with high sensitivity, low power consumption.
Miniaturization, its extremely high tracking sensitivity greatly expanded its positioning of the coverage.
In the ordinary GPS receiver module can not locate the place, such as narrow urban sky, dense jungle environment, GT-U7 can be high-precision positioning.
Module with high sensitivity, small static drift, low power and lightweight volume.
With IPEX antenna interface, the default distribution of active antenna, can be quickly positioned
Operating voltage: 3.6V-5V (or direct usb power supply)
Operating baud rate: 9600 (can be modified)
Onboard rechargeable button battery
Onboard E2PROM can save parameter data
NEMA output format is compatible with NEO-6M
Size: 27.6mm * 26.6mm can be inserted or selected patch (with positioning holes)
Handheld devices such as PDAs
Vehicle monitoring
Mobile phones, camcorders and other mobile positioning systems
Sharing bike
Sharing mobile power
Package Includes:
1 X GT-U7 GPS Module
1 X IPX interface active antenna



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