Grove Sunlight Sensor 多通道數字型陽光感測器


Grove Sunlight Sensor 多通道數字型陽光感測器

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夏天到了,想在紫外線下探測紫外線指數嗎?格羅夫 – 陽光傳感器在這裡推薦。Grove Sunlight Sensor 數字型陽光感測器是一種多通道數字光傳感器,具有檢測紫外線,可見光和紅外光的能力。

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Grove Sunlight Sensor 多通道數字型陽光感測器

夏天到了,想在紫外線下探測紫外線指數嗎?格羅夫 – 陽光傳感器在這裡推薦。Grove Sunlight Sensor 數字型陽光感測器是一種多通道數字光傳感器,具有檢測紫外線,可見光和紅外光的能力。

該器件基於 SiLabs 的新型傳感器 SI1145。Si1145是一款具有 I2C 數字接口和可編程事件中斷輸出的低功耗,基於反射率的紅外接近,紫外指數和環境光傳感器。該器件在廣泛的動態範圍和各種光源(包括直射陽光)下提供出色的性能。

Grove  – 陽光傳感器包括一個上的格羅夫連接器,它可以幫助你很容易地連接你的 Arduino。您可以使用此設備製作一些需要檢測光線的項目,例如簡單的紫外檢測器。


  • 數字光傳感器
  • 廣譜檢測範圍
  • 可編程配置
  • 3.3 / 5V電源
  • 直接檢測陽光
  • Grove兼容
  • I2C接口(7位)


Summer is coming, want to make a UV detector to know the UV index when you are under the sun? Grove – Sunlight Sensor is recommend here.Grove – Sunlight Sensor is a multi-channel digital light sensor, which has the ability to detect UV-light, visible light and infrared light.
This device is based on SI1145, a new sensor from SiLabs. The Si1145 is a low-power, reflectance-based, infrared proximity, UV index and ambient light sensor with I2C digital interface and programmable-event interrupt output. This device offers excellent performance under a wide dynamic range and a variety of light sources including direct sunlight.
Grove – Sunlight Sensor include an on-bard Grove connector, which help you to connect it your Arduino easily. You can use this device for making some project which need to detect the light, such as a simple UV detector. Features

  • Digital light sensor
  • Wide spectrum detection range
  • Programmable configuration
  • 3.3/5V Supply
  • Detect sunlight directly
  • Grove compatible
  • I2C Interface(7-bit)

Technical Details

Dimensions140mm x 85mm x 11mm
WeightG.W 6g
Operating Voltage3.0-5.5V
Working current3.5mA
Wave length280-950nm
Operating Temperature-45-85oC

Part List

Grove – Sunlight Sensor1
Grove Cable1



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