Grove Starter Kit for Arduino 入門初學者學習套件 V3版


Grove Starter Kit for Arduino 入門初學者學習套件 V3版

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Grove Starter Kit for Arduino 入門初學者學習套件 V3版 加購 Arduino UNO R3 開發板全台最低價

完整 Arduino 入門學習套件方案, 讓您一次購買即可開始輕鬆入門 Arduino 課程

我們致力於簡化和快速實現電子原型設計,我們相信應該更多地致力於概念設計,而不是如何構建基本電路,尤其是在構思階段。這就是我們創建Grove的原因。Grove是用於快速原型設計的模塊化電子平台。每個模塊都有一個功能,如觸摸感應,創建音頻效果等。只需將你需要的模塊插入底座,然後你就可以測試你的想法了。這款Grove – Arduino入門套件是Arduino begginer的完美入門套件。它包含一個Base Shield,其中包含許多Grove連接器,12個Grove模塊,涵蓋了開發人員所需的大部分功能以及非常有用的用戶手冊,可幫助您快速入門。

:該套件不包含Arduino。如果您需要 Arduino 開發板,請點擊這裡購買 Arduino Uno r3,或者您可以考慮將 Seeeduino V4.2 作為第二選擇。


Grove Starter Kit for Arduino 入門初學者學習套件 特徵

  • 精心挑選的Grove模塊具有不同的功能,包括感應,輸入,顯示等,非常適合begginer。
  • 比較其他Arduino入門套件的成本效益。
  • 包裝採用軟內部插槽結構,非常好的保護產品。
  • 沒有焊接,沒有跳線。
  • 提供Grove的完整Arduino庫。
  • 我們的wiki 系統中每個Grove模塊的詳細說明。


重量GW 305g


Grove Base 擴展板1
Grove – LCD RGB背光1
Grove – 智能繼電器1
Grove – 蜂鳴器1
Grove – 聲音傳感器1
Grove – 觸摸傳感器1
Grove – 旋轉角度傳感器1
Grove – 溫度傳感器1
Grove – LED1
Grove – 光傳感器1
Grove  – 按鈕1
DIP LED藍色藍色1
DIP LED綠 – 綠1
DIP LED紅 – 紅1
Grove 電纜10
9V 電池扣1
Grove 入門套件手冊1

As an open source hardware facilitator, we dedicate to make electronic prototyping easy and fast, and we believe that more effort should be put on concepts design rather than how to build basic circuits especially in the idea phase. That is why we created Grove.

Grove is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. Every module has one function, such as touch sensing, creating audio effect and so on. Just plug the modules you need to the base shield, then you are ready to test your idea buds.

This Grove – Starter Kit for Arduino is a perfect starter kit for Arduino begginers. It includes a Base Shield which have many Grove connectors on board, twelve Grove modules that covers most functions needed by a begginner and a very helpful user manual that can help get started quickly.
Note: This kit does not include Arduino. If you need an Arduino, please click here to buy the Arduino Uno, or you may consider the Seeeduino V4.2 as a second choice.
Below video is made by UDOO introducing how to use the Grove Starter Kit on the UDOO board, from this video you will learn how to use the kit and how easy to use Grove on UDOO board as well as on Arduino.


  • Well selected Grove modules with different functions including sensing, input, display etc, very suitable for begginer.
  • Cost effective comparing other starter kit for Arduino.
  • Well package with soft internal slot structure, protecting the product very well.
  • No soldering, no jumper wires.
  • Full Arduino library for Grove is provided.
  • Detail instructions for each Grove module in our wiki system.

Technical Details

WeightG.W 305g

Part List

Base Shield1
Grove – LCD RGB Backlight1
Grove – Smart Relay1
Grove – Buzzer1
Grove – Sound Sensor1
Grove – Touch Sensor1
Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor1
Grove – Temperature Sensor1
Grove – LED1
Grove – Light Sensor1
Grove – Button1
DIP LED Blue-Blue1
DIP LED Green-Green1
DIP LED Red-Red1
Mini Servo1
Grove Cables10
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter1
Grove starter kit Manual1
Green Plastic Box1



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