Grove – I2C Hub IIC 擴展模組 ( 擴展六個 I2C 接口 )


Grove – I2C Hub IIC 擴展模組 ( 擴展六個 I2C 接口 )

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Grove – I2C Hub IIC 集線擴展模組 ( 擴展六個 I2C 接口 )

新版的 Grove – I2C Hub IIC 集線擴展模組  現在提供6端口版本,具有相同的大小,另外兩個連接器,價格幾乎降低了一半!如您所知,7地址長度的I2C總線最多允許訪問128個I2C設備。目前,Seeed中有80多個Grove I2C模塊,但是,通常在Seeeduino板或Grove Base Shield上只有1或2個Grove I2C連接器可用。如果我們需要在系統中使用多個Grove I2C模塊怎麼辦?答案是 Grove – I2C Hub IIC 集線擴展模組(6端口)。 

該集線器中有6個Grove連接器,一個輸入,五個輸出,或者您甚至可以將一個集線器連接到另一個集線器,以便可以插入更多設備。不僅I2C還可用於控制多個同步更改設備(例如LED)。我們進行了一項調查,並收集了有關舊的Grove I2C集線器(4端口)的反饋,許多用戶提到4個插槽不夠用,因此我們增加了兩個,並保持20 * 40mm的尺寸不變。SeeedStudio始終重視客戶的聲音,我們感謝客戶幫助我們發展壯大。隨時與我們聯繫,批評我們,給我們建議,您的聲音將永遠被聽到。

Grove – I2C Hub (6 Port)

We’ve already released the Grove – I2C Hub (4 Port), now comes the 6 port version, the same size, two more connectors, almost half the price!As you may know, the 7 address length I2C bus allows up to 128 I2C devices to access. At present, there are over 80 Grove I2C modules in Seeed, however, normally only 1 or 2 Grove I2C connectors are available on the Seeeduino Board or the Grove Base Shield. What if we need to use multi Grove I2C modules in the system? The answer is Grove – I2C Hub (6 Port). 

There are 6 Grove connectors in this hub, one input, five output, or you can even connect one hub with another, so that more devices can be plugged in. Not only I2C but also can be used to control several synchronous change devices(like LEDs).

We did a survey and gathered some feedback about the old Grove I2C Hub (4 Port), many users mentioned that the 4 slots are not sufficient, so we add two more and keep the same 20*40mm size. SeeedStudio always values the voice of our customers, and we appreciate our customers helping us grow and make us better. Feel free to contact us, criticize us, give us advice, your voice will always be heard.



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