Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組 支援串聯最多可拓展出8個串口


Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組 支援串聯最多可拓展出8個串口

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Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組 支援串聯最多可拓展出8個串口,每個子串口收發獨立,通信速率達2M bps的轉接板

Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組

支援串聯最多可拓展出8個串口,每個子串口收發獨立,通信速率達2M bps的轉接板, 對於 Arduino、樹莓派、micro:bit等主機板往往只有1-2個UART串口,而且有一個串口會作為程式下載或調試用,如果專案中需要連接多個UART設備,主機板將難以連接。對於Arduino主機板,我們往往通過IO口虛擬串口,但是虛擬串口將會打亂其他程式的執行,例如時序有嚴格要求的紅外接收模組、WS2818單匯流排RGB燈。而我們的I2C to dual UART module I2C轉雙串口模組很好地解決了這個問題,該模組將主機板的I2C介面轉換為兩個串口,可以連接兩個串口設備,如果不夠,你還可以級聯多個I2C轉雙串口模組。 I2C to dual UART module I2C最高速率為1Mbps,每個子串口具備收/發獨立的256位元組FIFO硬體緩存,串口的串列傳輸速率,字長,校驗格式可獨立設置,最高提供2M bps的通信速率,支援4個I2C位址,一塊主控上最多並聯4個模組,一次最多擴展8個硬串口。

Gravity: IIC 轉串口模組 支援串聯最多可拓展出8個串口,每個子串口收發獨立,通信速率達2M bps的轉接板


  • IIC介面轉化為兩個UART介面
  • 通信速率達2Mbps
  • 最多拓展出8個硬串口
  • 子串口收發獨立
  • 子串口串列傳輸速率和字長可單獨設置

Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組 應用場景

  • 常見的物聯網模組
  • 超聲波測距模組
  • 語音合成模組
  • GPS信號模組


  • 工作電壓:3V~5.5 V
  • 工作電流值:<3mA
  • 通信介面:Gravity-IIC 4Pin
  • 拓展串口數量:2個
  • 工作溫度範圍:-40℃~85℃
  • 產品尺寸:5*27mm/1.28*1.1 inches

Gravity  IIC 轉串口模組 引脚说明


Gravity: IIC 轉串口模組

絲印 功能描述
+ 電源正極
T 串口發送端
R 串口接受收端


Gravity: I2C to Dual UART Module

This I2C to Dual UART module offers data transmission rate up to 1Mbps, and each sub UART has independent 256-byte FIFO hardware buffer for transmitting and receiving. The baud rate, word length, and check format of every sub UART can be set independently. The module provides 2Mbps maximum communication rate. At most four such modules can be connected onto one controller board to expand 8 hardware serial ports. This I2C to dual UART module can be extremely suitable for using with IoT module, Ultrasonic ranging module and GPS module.

There are usually only 1 or 2 UARTs on Controller boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, etc. And one of them must be used in program downloading or debugging. When your application needs to connect several UART devices, you may find that there are not enough UARTs on main-board for connecting. Thus, this module could be a perfect solution for the above situation, or you can use this product in IR receiver module and WS2818 RGB relevant projects with strict timing requirements.


  • I2C to dual UART
  • Up to 2Mbps communication rate
  • Expand 8 hardware serials at most
  • Sub UART receive/transmit independently
  • Independent setting for band rate and word length of Sub UART


  • Internet of Things Module
  • Ultrasonic Ranging Module
  • GPS Module
  • Speech Synthesis Module


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V~5.5 V
  • Operating Current: <3mA
  • Communication Port: Gravity-I2C 4Pin
  • Expanded UART: 2
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 32.5*27mm/1.28*1.1 inches




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