CR2032 鈕扣電池座含開關 – 20毫米 支援 LilyPad 銜接 Sparkfun 進口


CR2032 鈕扣電池座含開關 – 20毫米 支援 LilyPad 銜接 Sparkfun 進口

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CR2032 鈕扣電池座含開關 – 20毫米 支援 LilyPad 銜接 Sparkfun 進口

當我們要開發一些微型設備時,最好的選擇也許是透過 CR2032 鈕扣型電池來提電力,但在某些時候你需要關掉它。是的,你可以拉電池,或者你甚至可以在線連接LilyPad滑動開關。如果只有電池開關這不是很好嗎?那麼,不要再觀望了。

此款 CR2032 鈕扣電池座含開關 鈕扣電池座在電路板上安裝了一個小型滑動開關,與電源一致,因此您可以關閉項目並節省電池。此滑動開關與LilyPad滑動開關板上的滑動開關相同,因此不易意外關閉或打開。

CR2032 鈕扣電池座含開關 就像原來的鈕扣電池盒一樣,這個簡單的電路板可裝20毫米鈕扣電池(如CR2032),並為您提供四個連接點(兩個正極和兩個負極),用於縫入您的項目。此外,我們還加強了該電路板上的電池連接器,以確保其不會意外彈出。

LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder – Switched – 20mm

Sure, your flashing, chip-tune playing T-shirt is really cool at the party… but at some point you need to turn it off. And yes, you could just pull the battery, or maybe you’ve even sewn a LilyPad slide switch in-line. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a switch on the battery? Well, look no further.

This LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder has a small slide switch installed on the board, in-line with the power so you can shut off your project and save batteries. This slide switch is the same as on the LilyPad Slide Switch Board, so it’s not easy to accidentally turn off or on.

Just like the original Coin Cell Battery Holder, this simple board holds a 20mm coin cell battery (such as a CR2032) and gives you four connection points (two positive and two negative) for sewing into your project. Additionally, we have strengthened the battery connector on this board in order to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally pop off.

Note: A portion of this sale is given back to Dr. Leah Buechley for continued development and education of e-textiles.



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