Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板帶 RS485 接口 BLUEBEE 藍牙接口


Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板帶 RS485 接口 BLUEBEE 藍牙接口

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Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板 帶 RS485 接口 BLUEBEE 藍牙接口

Arduino 是一款開源的控制板,非常適合愛好電子製作的朋友製作互動作品,但對於一些不熟悉電子技術的人,要在Arduino 上添加電路是一個比較麻煩是事,所以我們設計了一個 Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板 ,能使大部分傳感器輕鬆地和 Arduino 控制板連接。

Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板 性能描述:

  •  擴展 14 個數字 IO 口( 12 個舵機接口)及電源;
  • 6 個模擬 IO 口及電源;
  • 1 個數字端口外接電源接線柱;
  •  數字端口外部供電和板載電源自動切換;
  • 1 個外接電源輸入接線柱和 1 個輸入插針;
  • RS485 接口;
  • ReSET 復位按鈕;
  • xbee/Bluetooh Bee 藍牙無線數傳接口 ;
  • APC220/Bluetooh V3 藍牙無線數傳接口 ;
  • IIC/I2C/TWI 接口 ;
  • 3.3V 輸出端口 ;
  • SD 卡模塊接口 ;

Arduino Xbee IO V5 擴展板

Arduino Xbee Sensor Shield V5with RS485 and BLUEBEE Bluetooth Interface

This little shield that could, takes the small and fiesty  module range and makes it easy to attach to UNOs and MEGAs and gives them access to those much desiered wireless capabilities as well as much more.
The shield gives you full access to all the digital and analog ports and provides each with its own VCC and GND. This is the typical required format that sensor modules are supplied in as can be seen in our range of sensor modules. Furthermore the shield breakout the I2C and UART allowing nice and simple connection for modules such as SD card readers and LCD displays.
The module provides an number of interfaces that are commonly used. These cover the main bluetooth footprint, SD cards, APC communication and RS485. As well as those the standard UART and I2C are also made easy to access. All in all becoming a very versatile shield suitable all manner of communication projects.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the shield’s operation.


1.Extract 14 digital IO port (12 servo interfaces) and power supply.
2.Six analog IO ports.
3.One digital port external power source terminal.
4.Automatic switch between external power supply via digital port and onboard power supply.
5.One external power supply input terminal and One input pin.
6.RS485 interface.
7.Reset button.
8.Bluetooh wireless data transmission interface.
9.APC220/Bluetooh V3 bluetooth wireless data transmission interface.
10.IIC/I2C/TWI interface.
11.3.3 V output port.
12.SD card module interface.



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