Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板 UNO R3 開發神器


Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板 UNO R3 開發神器

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Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板 UNO R3 開發神器

Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板, 是專為Arduino 初學者而設計,掌握各個 GPIO 的確相當困難,但是又想感受Arduino連接各種感測器的樂趣,那BotSheet的這塊Arduino Sensor Shield感測器擴展板就一定是恩物。它能夠把Arduino Uno全部的數碼及模擬接口獨立擴展出來,不必為繁瑣複雜的電路連線而煩惱,這款感測器擴展板將電路簡化,能夠簡易地將常用的感測器連接起來,輕鬆完成你一個互動的Arduino電路。
這款 Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板 是2015年最新版本,第5版加入疊層設計,採用PCB沉金製作,板上接口包括IIC接口、32路舵機控制接口、藍牙通信接口、SD卡通信接口、APC220無線通信接口、RB URF超聲波感測器接口、12864顯示器接口。
.Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 主要用途:
1 x Arduino Sensor Shield v5 感測器擴展板


Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 感測器擴展板

Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board

Arduino Sensor shields V5.0 Sensor extension plate on the basis of retain the advantages of V4.0 version, still only USES the lamination design, PCB zedoary processing technology, main board not only will the Arduino Duemilanove 2009 controller of all digital and analog interface extend out in the form of steering gear line order, also the AD hoc IIC interface, 32 road steering controller interface bluetooth module, communication interface, the SD card module communication interface, APC220 wireless rf module communication interface, RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic Sensor interfaces, line 12864 LCD series and parallel interface, independence spread out more convenient and easy to use. For Arduino beginners do not have to have a headache for the complex circuit connection, extend the sensor plate in the true sense to simplify the circuit and can be easily connect commonly used sensors, a sensor need only a general 3 p sensor cable (both digital and analog cable, cable), after finishing the circuit connection, write the corresponding Arduino program downloaded to the Arduino Duemilanove controller reads the sensor data, or receive wireless module comes back, after processing, the final easily finish your own interactive work.
PCB with first-class heavy gold processing


  • UNO R3 Sensor
  • Shield V5 Expansion
  • Electronics
  • Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery
  • Package Contains One Item



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