Arduino Screw Shield V2 接線柱端子擴展板 端子接線擴展板


Arduino Screw Shield V2 接線柱端子擴展板 端子接線擴展板

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Arduino Screw Shield V2 接線柱端子擴展板 端子接線擴展板


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Screw Shield V2 Stud Terminal Expansion Board (Double Support) for arduino UNO R3

This section supporting dual terminal expansion board (excluding UNO R3)
The terminal expansion board can magically expand the terminal controller. And the user can also overlay on top of other expansion boards. Let your project to get rid of the shackles of the bread board wiring, the line structures become easier and more reliable.
As shown above, the expansion of the terminal, while also retaining the original expansion board socket.



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