APRS 全功能氣象站開發套件 包含風速計、雨量計、風向計、大氣壓、溫度和濕度感測器


APRS 全功能氣象站開發套件 包含風速計、雨量計、風向計、大氣壓、溫度和濕度感測器

NT$6,300 NT$5,600 (未稅)


APRS 全功能氣象站開發套件 包含風速計、雨量計、風向計、大氣壓、溫度和濕度感測器

APRS 全功能氣象站開發套件 可以讓您建立自己的氣象站?該氣象站套件包括風速計,風向標雨和雨水桶。串行通信方法具有良好的兼容性,並且易於使用。與其他組件一起使用,該風速計可廣泛用於測量風/雨,例如工程,鐵路,碼頭,發電廠,氣象,纜車,環境研究,農業,能源監測,健康研究以及相應的信號輸出。而且,它與Arduino設備兼容。


    • c000:風向,度
    • s000:風速(1分鐘),每小時0.1英里
    • g000:風速(5分鐘),每小時0.1英里
    • t086:溫度,華氏溫度
    • r000:降雨(1小時),0.01英寸
    • p000:降雨(24小時),0.01英寸
    • h53:濕度%(00%= 100)
    • b10020:大氣,0.1 hpa


  • 氣象站
  • 天氣監測


  • 工作電壓:5V
  • 溫度範圍:-40〜80℃
  • 濕度範圍:0〜99%
  • 包裝尺寸:20 * 18 * 30 CM(7.87 * 7.09 * 11.81“)
  • 重量:4480g



  • 風速計x1
  • 風向標x1
  • 雨水桶x1
  • 傳感器板x1
  • 不銹鋼飾釘(30CM)(11.81“)x1
  • 組件包x1

Weather Station Kit with Anemometer/Wind Vane/Rain Bucket

Ever want to build your own weather station? This weather station kit includess anemometer, wind vaneRain and rain bucket. The serial communication method provides good compatibility and makes it easy to use. Together with other components, this anemometer can be widely used in measureing wind/rain in areas such as engineering, railways, docks, power plants, meteorological, cableway, environment study, agriculture, energy monitoring, health study with corresponding signal output. Also, it is compatible with Arduino device.

Version Update 2016/3/28: Upgrade the Temperature and Humidity sensor that the range and accuracy were improved.


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Temperature range: -40~80℃
  • Humidity range: 0~99%
  • Package Dimension: 20*18*30 CM
  • Weight: 4480g


  1. Weather station
  2. Weather monitor

Data Interface

image:SEN0186_Data_interface updated.JPG|Weather Station board, updated from Mar.2016 image:SEN0186_Data_interface.png|Weather Station board, older version

There are two data ports on the board

  • Data: 2400bps interval: 1s
  • TXD : 9600bps interval: 1s

Format of Data Output

It outputs 37 bytes per second, including the end CR/LF.

Data Parser:

  • c000:air direction, degree
  • s000:air speed(1 minute), 0.1 miles per hour
  • g000:air speed(5 minutes), 0.1 miles per hour
  • t086:temperature, Fahrenheit
  • r000:rainfall(1 hour), 0.01 inches
  • p000:rainfall(24 hours), 0.01 inches
  • h53:humidity,% (00%= 100)
  • b10020:atmosphere,0.1 hpa

NOTE: The board will make a hardware self-check before it works, it will output “…” when it doesn’t detect the related devices. For example, If the temperature & humidity sensor and barometer are not installed or broken, it will output: ”’c000s000g000t…r000p000h..b….. ”’ |

Indicator LED

STU LED: flash with sensor status Link LED: flash with Data output

Connection Diagram

Sensor connection




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