AOSONG AMT1001 類比電壓輸出電阻型溫濕度一體感測器模組


AOSONG AMT1001 類比電壓輸出電阻型溫濕度一體感測器模組

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AOSONG AMT1001 類比電壓輸出電阻型溫濕度一體感測器模組

AM1001/AMT1001 是濕敏電阻型溫濕度感測器,AMT1001 是溫濕度一 體型感測器;感測器信號採用類比電壓輸出方式;本模組具有精度高,可靠性高,一致性好,且已帶 溫度補償,確保長期穩定性好,使用方便及價格低廉等特點,尤其適合對品質、成本要求比較苛刻的 企業使用。

AMT1001 Resistive Humidity Module Humidity Sensor Humidity Probe

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Product Overview
AM1001 / AMT1001 is humidity resistance type temperature and humidity sensors, which AM1001 is a single wet, AMT1001 is integrated temperature and humidity sensor; sensor signals using analog voltage output; This module has high accuracy, high reliability, consistency, and has been with temperature compensation to ensure long-term stability, ease of use and low price and other characteristics, especially suitable for the quality, cost requirements more demanding businesses.

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Applications
HVAC air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, communication, atmospheric environmental monitoring, industrial process control, agriculture, measuring instruments and other applications.

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Product Highlights
Low power consumption, small size, with temperature compensation, calibration microcontroller linear output, ease of use, low cost, completely interchangeable, long distance signal transmission, precise calibration.

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Product Selection

Product Model Product Type DC voltage Output Specifications
AM1001 Resistive 4.75~5.25V DC 0~3V Single wet
AMT1001 Resistive 4.75~5.25V DC 0~3V Integrated temperature and humidity

Product Description: AM1001 single wet, AMT1001 for temperature and humidity of a body, a common specification, except single wet and humid merely a body temperature increases, other features like, then not be repeated.

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Sensor Performance
Relative humidity

Parameters Conditions min typ max unit
Range 20 90 %RH
Accuracy 25°C ±5 %RH
Repeatability ±1 %RH
Interchangeability Completely interchangeable
Response time 1/e(63%) <5 S
Hysteresis ±0.3 %RH
Drift Typical values <0.5 %RH/yr

NTC10K temperature sensor is a thermistor. Temperature sensor parameters shown in Table 3.

Rated zero power
resistance (R25)
factor (mw/°C)
Thermal time
constant (S)
Rated Power
Operating Temperature
Range (°C)
SNE103B13435AS150EF 10KΩ 3435 ≥2.5 ≤18 150 -40~125

AM1001/AMT1001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module Electrical Characteristics

Parameters Conditions min typ max unit
Supply voltage 4.75 5.0 5.25 V
Humidity voltage output range 0 3 V
Power Consumption Measurement 2.0 mA
Humidity sampling period 3 S
Humidity measurement range 20 90 %RH
Temperature range 0 60 °C
Temperature measurement range NTC10K 0 60 °C



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