AC交流電專用,多功能數顯電力監測儀 顯示電壓,電流,功耗,功率因數 含開合式CT感測模組


AC 交流電專用,多功能數顯電力監測儀 顯示電壓,電流,功耗,功率因數 含開合式CT感測模組 TTL 通訊 支援 PC / Arduino

多功能數顯電力監測儀 帶電壓+電流+功率+電量四種功能全屏液晶顯示於一體的多功能交流液晶帶背光顯示的交流測試儀錶頭,電壓範圍110V-220V額定電流100A;自帶互感器線圈,無需買家自備;電網電壓直接供電,無需外接電源,測量精准,超大螢幕LCD液晶全屏顯示清晰!



  1. 電參數測量功能(電壓、電流、有功功率、電量)。
  2. 超載報警功能(超過功率報警門限,背光和功率閃爍提示)。
  3. 功率報警門限預置功能(可自行設置功率報警門限)。
  4. 電量按鍵清零功能。
  5. 掉電資料保存功能。
  6. 大螢幕LCD液晶屏全顯功能(同時顯示電壓、電流、有功功率、電量)。
  7. 背光功能。



顯示由大螢幕LCD液晶屏同時顯示電壓、電流、功率、電量參數 ,如圖1所示。


  • 1.功率:測試量程0~22kW
  • 1kW以內顯示格式0.0~999.9W;
  • 1kW以上顯示格式 W;
  • 10kW以上顯示格式10.0~22.0kW。
  • 2.電量:測試量程0~9999kWh
  • 10kWh以內顯示格式0~9999Wh;
  • 10kWh以上顯示格式10~9999kWh;
  • 3.電壓:測試量程80~260V
  • 顯示格式80~220V
  • 4.電流:測試量程0~100A
  • 顯示格式0.00~99.99A。





  1. 步驟1:長按按鍵5秒直到電量顯示視窗數位閃爍,然後鬆開按鍵;
  2. 步驟2:若再次短按按鍵,則電量資料清零並退出清零閃爍狀態;
  3. 步驟3:若再次長按按鍵5秒直到不再閃爍,則表示電量資料不清零並退出清零狀態。


  1. 步驟1:長按按鍵,當LCD屏顯示“SET CLr”後鬆開按鍵,進入功率報值設置狀態;
  2. 步驟2:功率區域顯示當前的功率報警值且最低數位開始閃爍,此時可通過短按按鍵對該數位+1,當沒有按鍵操作超過3秒時,自動切換數位,設置方法同上;
  3. 步驟3:設置完成後長按按鍵超過5秒自動保存退出,有功功率門限設置的範圍為0.0~22.0kW。


  1. 1.本模組適用於戶內,不能戶外使用。
  2. 2.所加負載不能超過額定功率。
  3. 3.接線順序不能搞錯。


  1. 1.工作電壓:80~260VAC
  2. 2.測試電壓:80~260VAC
  3. 2.額定功率:100A/22000W
  4. 3.工作頻率:45-65Hz
  5. 4.計量精度:1.0級

AC 80-260V 100A Voltage Current Watt Power Energy Meter / With Split CT

  • This Chain Saw Bracket Set uses the 100 angle grinder and the grinder is not included in this package.
  • Its input power depends on your own 100 angle grinder, so it is not a certain number.
  • It has plastic handle which is very convenient for carrying.
  • Safety of sawing, effectively improve the efficiency of your work.
  • The chain interval with the counter-attack shrapnel, guide oil hole, make to use more secure.

Digital AC 80-260V 100A 4IN1 voltage current power energy Voltmeter Ammeter Watt Power Meter With Split CT


1. Voltage test range: AC 80~260V; Current test range: 0~100A; Power test range: 0~22kW; Energy test range: 0~9999kWh.

2. It is a compact, lightweight and functional multi-meter, with large-screen LCD display, can display voltage, current, active power and energy at the same time. It does not control or effect the load in any way.

3. Perfect to work with a generator or solar panel setup, also great to monitor accumulated energy usage on devices that cycle on and off(refrigerator, dehumidifier, washing machine, wall a/c unit) and the phantom load(cable modem, router, DVR).

4. Multifunctional: the accumulated energy can be reset by button; Store data when power off; Voltage alarm function (over voltage alarm threshold, backlight and voltage will flash to alarm).

5. The blue backlight can be turned on/off by the front accessible recessed switch located on the right side bezel.


  • Working/Test Voltage: AC 80~260V
  • Measuring Accuracy: 1.0 grade
  • Rated Power: 100A/22000W
  • Operating Frequency: 45~65Hz
  • Measurement Speed: 2 times/s
  • Store Energy data when power off. Can be reset to 0
  • The blue backlight can be turned on/off manually

Test Range and Display Format:

  • 1. Active Power Test Range: 0~22kW
  • 2. Energy Test Range: 0~9999kWh
  • 3. Voltage Test Range: AC 80~260V
  • 4. Current Test Range: 0~100A

Matters Need Attention:

  • 1. This module is only suitable for 80~260V AC power.
  • 2. Applied load should not exceed the rated power.
  • 3. Wiring order cannot be wrong.

Packing Included:

1x AC 80~260V 100A Power Multimeter

1x AC 100A Open-Close Split Current Transformer



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