1W Solar Panel 80X100 太陽能電池板


1W Solar Panel 80X100 太陽能電池板

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1W Solar Panel 80X100 太陽能電池板 5.5V 170mA

太陽能電池板由單晶材料製成,在17%的太陽能轉換效率下具有很高的性能。它具有良好的樹脂表面和堅固的背部適合戶外環境。該處理器附有一個2mm JST連接器,與我們的大部分可用太陽能電源板(如Seeeduino微控制器系列,Lipo Rider充電板系列和XBee載體WSN產品系列)配合使用非常完美。

典型的開路電壓大約為5V,取決於光強度。在晴朗,大日照的夏日,峰值OC電壓可以高達10V。為防止任何損壞接受窄輸入電壓範圍的電路板,如Lipo Rider,建議在連接之前檢查OC電壓是否安全。


  • 尺寸:100x80x2.5(±0.2)mm
  • 典型電壓:5.5V
  • 典型電流:170mA
  • 開路電壓:8.2 V
  • 最大負載電壓:6.4V

1W Solar Panel 80X100

This solar panel is made of single-crystal material that performs high solar energy transformation efficiency at 17%. It has a fine resin surface and sturdy back suitable for outdoor environments. A 2mm JST connecter is attached to the penal, which makes it perfect to team up with most of our can-use-solar-power-supply boards, like Seeeduino microcontroller series,Lipo Rider charging boards series and XBee carrier WSN products series.   The typical open circuit voltage is around 5V, depending on light intensity. In those bright summer days with clear sky and big sun, the peak OC voltage can rush up to 10V. To prevent any damage to boards that accept a narrow range of input voltage, like Lipo Rider, it’s recommended to check whether the OC voltage is safe before any connection. FEATURES

  • Dimensions: 100x80x2.5(±0.2) mm
  • Typical voltage: 5.5V
  • Typical current: 170mA
  • Open-circuit voltage: 8.2 V
  • Maximum load voltage: 6.4V

Technical Details

WeightG.W 40g



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