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0.5W Solar Panel 55×70 太陽能電池板

許多人喜歡太陽能,因為它簡單,清潔和可再生。特別是在建設戶外項目時,太陽能是電力供應的最佳解決方案之一。根據你打算建立的項目,太陽能電池板有許多不同尺寸可供選擇,如果你正在尋找便攜式太陽能電池板,為什麼不看看我們今天要介紹的這個小型太陽能電池板—- -0.5W太陽能電池板55×77。

根據光強度,典型的開路電壓為5V。如果您將其帶到明媚陽光和天空中沒有云的夏日,那麼Peal OC電壓可高達10V。由於電壓範圍較寬,如果您打算使用輸入電壓範圍較窄的電路板(例如Lipo Rider)以防止任何損壞,請在連接之前檢查電路板上的OC電壓是否可接受。

首先,我們建議您選擇Seeed生產的一些太陽能電池板兼容板,如Seeeduino微控制器系列,Lipo Rider充電板系列和Xbee Carrier WSN產品系列。由於面板上連接了2mm JST連接器,因此最好與上面推薦的電路板配合使用。


  • 尺寸:70x55x3(±0.2)mm
  • 典型電壓:5.5V
  • 典型電流:100mA
  • 開路電壓:8.2 V
  • 最大負載電壓:6.4V

Many people like solar energy because it is simple, clean and renewable. Especially when you are building outdoor projects, solar energy is one of the best solutions for power supply. Depending on the project you are going to build, there are many different sizes of solar panel to choose, If you are looking for a portable solar panel, why not look at this small solar panel that we are going to introduce today—–0.5W Solar Panel 55×77.
0.5W Solar Panel 55×77 is monocrystalline silicon solar panel, which is the main trend in the future. Comparing to polycrystalline silicon solar panel and thin-film solar panel, monocrystalline silicon solar panel performs higher conversion rate that up to 17%. The surface is covered by fine resin which makes it waterproof, together with a very sturdy back, it is really suitable for outdoor environment.
Depending on light intensity, the typical open circuit voltage is 5V. If you take it to a summer day with bright sunshine and no cloud in the sky, the peal OC voltage can be up to 10V. Because the voltage range is relatively wide, if you are going to use boards that require narrow range of input voltage, such as Lipo Rider, to prevent any damage, please check whether the OC voltage is acceptable for the board before any connection.
To begin with, we recommend you to choose some of the solar panel compatible board produced by Seeed such as Seeeduino microcontroller series,Lipo Rider charging board seriesandXbee Carrier WSN products series. Since A 2mm JST connector is attached to the panel, it is perfect to team up with the boards that recommended above.
Despite all the goof features, it is really a very cheap solar panel among solar panel kits. Again, if you are looking for portable solar panels for sale, 0.5W Solar Panel 55×77 is the best choice!


  • Dimensions: 70x55x3(±0.2) mm
  • Typical voltage: 5.5V
  • Typical current: 100mA
  • Open-circuit voltage: 8.2 V
  • Maximum load voltage: 6.4V

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