TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 GT-521F32 可儲存 200 組指紋, Fingerprint Scanner 支援Arduino與PC


TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 GT-521F32 可儲存 200 組指紋, Fingerprint Scanner 支援Arduino與PC

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TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 GT-521F32 可儲存 200 組指紋, Fingerprint Scanner 支援Arduino與PC 美國 SparkFun 原裝進口

TTL 光學指紋辨識模組   GT-521F32 真棒!為什麼在手指尖處有一把鑰匙時使用鑰匙?不幸的是,它們通常不可靠或難以實施。好吧不再了!ADH-Tech的這款出色的 TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 GT-521F32  ,只需通過發送相應的命令並將手指按在閱讀器上三次,即可註冊要存儲的每個指紋。指紋掃描儀可以存儲不同的指紋,甚至可以從單元下載打印數據庫並分發給其他模塊。除了指紋“模板”,分析版本的打印,您可以檢索指紋的圖像,甚至從光學傳感器拉出原始圖像!

TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 是 GT-521F52 的精簡版本,可存儲多達 200種不同的指紋!它能夠使用串行接口進行360°指紋識別和下載/上傳模板。此外,GT-521Fxx系列的分辨率為450dpi,錯誤接受率<0.001%,錯誤拒絕率<0.1%,同時只需<1.5秒即可識別出獨特的指紋!


TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 感測器特色:

  • 簡單的UART和USB通信協議
  • 符合USB 2.0全速規範
  • 超薄光學傳感器
  • 分辨率450 dpi
  • 能夠360°識別
  • 存儲3,000個獨特的指紋
  • 喚醒手指功能
  • 適用於乾燥,潮濕或粗糙的指紋
  • 抗劃傷,表面高硬度≥5H
  • 1:1驗證,1:N識別
  • 高精度和高速指紋識別技術
  • 4個安裝孔
  • 2個JST SH連接器

TTL 光學指紋辨識模組

TTL 光學指紋辨識模組 教學文件與指南

Fingerprint scanners are awesome! Why use a key when you have one right at the tip of your finger? Unfortunately, they’re often unreliable or difficult to implement. Well not anymore! This great GT-521F32 fingerprint module from ADH-Tech communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed it into your next project. The module itself does all of the heavy lifting behind reading and identifying the fingerprints with an onboard optical sensor and 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor.

To get started, just register each fingerprint that you want to store by sending the corresponding command and pressing your finger against the reader three times. The fingerprint scanner can store different fingerprints, and the database of prints can even be downloaded from the unit and distributed to other modules. In addition to the fingerprint “template,” the analyzed version of the print, you can retrieve the image of a fingerprint and even pull raw images from the optical sensor!

This module is the economical version of the GT-521F52 and can store up to 200 different fingerprints. It is capable of 360° fingerprint recognition and download/upload templates using serial interface. Additionally, the GT-521Fxx series features a resolution of 450dpi, with a false acceptance rate of <0.001% and a false rejection rate of <0.1% while only needing <1.5 seconds to identify a unique fingerprint!

The module is small and easy to mount using four mounting holes surrounding the sensor. The onboard JST-SH connector has four signals: Vcc, GND, Tx and Rx. A compatible JST-SH pigtail can be found in the Hookup Accessories section below.

Note: The module does not come with a cable, if you do not have a 4-wire JST-SH pigtail, you can add PRT-10359 to your cart, or check in the Recommended Products section below.


  • Simple UART & USB communication protocol
  • Complies with USB 2.0 full-speed specification
  • Ultra-thin optical sensor
  • Resolution 450dpi
  • Capable of 360° recognition
  • Storage for 200 unique fingerprints
  • Wake up on Finger Function
  • Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
  • Anti-scratch with surface high hardness ≧ 5H
  • 1:1 verification, 1:N identification
  • High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology
  • 4x mounting holes
  • 2x JST SH connectors

Get Started with the Fingerprint Scanner Guide





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