SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車 開發套件 Robot 機器人自走車套件 遙控車套件組

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SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車 開發套件 Robot 機器人自走車套件 遙控車套件組 美國 SparkFun 原裝進口

micro:bot kit 智慧小車 機器人很有趣,micro:bit 是學習如何構建和編程機器人的完美控制器!將 Micro:bit 與 SparkFun 設計的  moto:bit carrier board 相結合,為機器人愛好者創造了一個靈活的,低成本的機器人平台!使用SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車開發套件,您將能夠快速創建簡單的機器人,而無需花費數小時學習如何構建和編程您的機器人。

在每個SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車開發套件中,您將找到將您的 micro:bit 構建到一個機器人技術廠房中所需的所有組件; 本套件不包含 micro:bit 開發板,您需要額外加購開發板。只需將您自己的 micro:bit 添加到提供的micro:bot kit 智慧小車開發套件,組裝套件,然後您就可以開始移動了。SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車開發套件 機器人開發學習套件是在機器人世界中最簡單且容易學習鑽寫程式的好方法。

SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車 套件不需要任何焊接,建議給任何人對機器人或微型平台感興趣。


SparkFun micro:bot kit

Robots are fun, and the micro:bit is the perfect controller for learning how to build and program robots! Combining the micro:bit with the SparkFun moto:bit carrier board creates a flexible, low-cost robotics platform for robot enthusiasts young and old! With the SparkFun micro:bot kit you will be able to create simple robots quickly without spending hours learning how to build and program your bot. Inside each micro:bot kit you will find all the components required to build your micro:bit into a robotics powerhouse; the only part that’s not included is the micro:bit itself. Simply add your own micro:bit to the provided moto:bit, assemble the kit, and you will be ready to start moving. The SparkFun micro:bot kit is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of robotics. The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone curious about robotics or the micro:bit platform.

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Between the micro:bit and our shield-like bit boards you can do almost anything while coding, customizing and controlling your micro:bit from almost anywhere! You can use your micro:bit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. At half the size of a credit card, this versatile board has vast potential!

Note: The SparkFun micro:bot kit does NOT include a micro:bit board. The micro:bit board will need to be purchased separately. Get started with the micro:bot kit Guide


  • 1x SparkFun moto:bit
  • 1x Shadow Chassis
  • 3x SparkFun RedBot Sensor — Line Follower
  • 2x Sub-Micro Servo
  • 2x Hobby Gearmotor
  • 2x Wheel — 65mm (Rubber Tire, Pair)
  • 3x Jumper Wire — 3-pin, 6″


SparkFun micro:bot kit 智慧小車 開發套件 Robot 機器人自走車套件 遙控車套件組 共有 1 則評價

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