SparkFun Capacitive Touch Slider – CAP1203 (Qwiic) 電容式觸摸板模組


SparkFun Capacitive Touch Slider – CAP1203 (Qwiic) 電容式觸摸板模組

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SparkFun Capacitive Touch Slider – CAP1203 (Qwiic) 電容式觸摸板模組

SparkFun Capacitive Touch Slider – CAP1203 (Qwiic) 電容式觸摸板模組可以讓您用更有趣的界面替換藝術項目或科學實驗中的滑塊或按鈕嗎?這種電容式觸摸滑塊是一種“ Qwiic”簡便的方法,可將電容式觸摸添加到您的下一個項目中。使用開發板的內置觸摸板,您可以立即將觸摸功能作為三個獨特的觸摸輸入或滑條來使用。您還可以使觸摸輸入充當電源按鈕,為自己的觸摸板自定義靈敏度,並使用中斷警報LED進行播放。利用我們的Qwiic系統,無需焊接即可將其連接到系統的其餘部分。但是,如果您更喜歡使用麵包板或創建自己的觸摸板,我們會斷開0.1英寸間距的插針。



  • 電容式觸控
    • 3個獨特的電容式觸摸輸入
  • 特徵
    • 模擬滑塊
    • 電源按鈕設定
    • 可編程靈敏度
    • 自動重新校準
    • 2 C地址:0x28
    • 啟用Qwiic
  • 工作範圍
    • 電源電壓:3.3V-5V


Do you want to replace a slider or a button on your art project or science experiment with a more interesting interface? This Capacitive Touch Slider is a “Qwiic” and easy way to add capacitive touch to your next project. With the board’s built in touch pads, you can immediately start playing with the touch capabilities as three unique touch inputs or as a slider. You can also enable a touch input to act as a power button, customize the sensitivity for your own touch pads, and play with the interrupt alert LED. Utilizing our Qwiic system, no soldering is required to connect it to the rest of your system. However, we have broken out 0.1″-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard or create your own touch pads.

On the front of the board, there is an arrow shape which contains three separate capacitive touch pads. We also broke out the capacitive touch sensor lines as plated through-holes on the top of the board. You can use these pins to connect to your own capacitive touch pads. The CS1 pin connects to the left pad, the CS2 pin connects to the middle pad, and the CS3 pin connects to the right pad.


  • Capacitive Touch
    • 3 unique capacitive touch inputs
  • Features
    • Emulated slider
    • Power button setting
    • Programmable sensitivity
    • Automatic recalibration
    • I2C Address: 0x28
    • Qwiic Enabled
  • Operating Range
    • Supply Voltage: 3.3V – 5V



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