GY-MCU680 V1 多功能感測器 BME680 溫濕度+氣壓+空氣品質 IAQ 四合一感測器模組


GY-MCU680 V1 多功能感測器 BME680 溫濕度+氣壓+空氣品質 IAQ 四合一感測器模組

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 V1 多功能感測器 BME680 溫濕度+氣壓+空氣品質 IAQ 四合一感測器模組 購買加贈 Arduino 範例與 PC 應用程式

GY-MCU680V1 多功能感測器是一款低成本空氣檢測模組,工作電壓 3-5v 功耗小,體積小。其工作原理,是通過 MCU 讀取BME680 感測器資料,經過演算法得到,溫濕度,大氣壓,IAQ 室內空氣品質,電阻值。此模組,有兩種方式讀取資料,即串口(TTL 電平)或者晶片本身IIC通信方式。該產品精度高,穩定性高。能夠直接輸出實用資料,省略了演算法。

串口的串列傳輸速率有 9600bps 與115200bps,有連續輸出與詢問輸出兩種方式,可適應不同的工作環境。與所有的單片機及電腦連接當焊接上 PS 焊點時候,模組是晶片本身IIC 模式,此時MCU 不參與工作,不消耗電流。可以當成簡單的BME680 模組使用。IAQ 室內空氣品質演算法是根據 BME680 晶片官網的常式移植,測試時候上電要一定時間,大約5 分鐘,資料才會正常。

GY-MCU680 V1 多功能感測器

GY-MCU680 V1 多功能感測器 模組規格參數

名稱 參數
溫度測量範圍 -40°~ 85°
濕度測量範圍 0%    ~100%
IAQ 測量範圍 0 ~500
氣壓測量範圍 300 ~1100hpa
回應頻率 默認 3 秒每次
工作電壓 3~5 V
平均工作電流 5mA
工作溫度 -40°~ 85°
儲存溫度 -40°~ 125°
尺寸 12mm×30mm
使用晶片 ME680+STM32

GY-MCU680 V1 多功能感測器 特色





Pin1 VCC 電源+ (3v-5v)
Pin 2 GND 電源地
Pin3 RX 串口資料接收(TTL 電平)
Pin 4 TX 串口資料發送(TTL 電平)
Pin 5 SDA 晶片本身 IIC 資料引腳
Pin 6 SCL 晶片本身 IIC 時鐘引腳
Pin 7 GND 電源地
Pin 8 3.3V 3.3V 電源,內部供電
Pin x PS 焊點焊接上,選擇 IIC 模式

GY-MCU680V1 BME680 Sensor Module Temperature and Humidity Air Pressure Air Quality IAQ MCU680 Module

Description of the module
  • GYMCU680 is a low-cost air detection module with a low operating voltage of 3-5v and a small size.
  • The working principle is to read the BME680 sensor data through the MCU, and obtain the algorithm, temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, IAQ indoor air quality, and resistance value.
  • This module has two ways to read data, namely serial port (TTL level) or chip itself IIC communication mode.
  • The product has high precision and high stability. It is possible to directly output utility data and omit the algorithm.
  • The baud rate of the serial port is 9600bps and 115200bps. There are two modes of continuous output and interrogation output, which can adapt to different working environments.
  • Connect to all microcontrollers and computers
  • When soldering the PS solder joint, the module is in the chip’s own IIC mode, at which point the MCU does not participate in the operation and does not consume current. Can be used as a simple BME680 module.
  • The IAQ indoor air quality algorithm is transplanted according to the routine of the BME680 chip official website. It takes a certain time to power on the test, and the data will be normal for about 5 minutes.
Product Parameters
  • Temperature measurement range: -40°~ 85°
  • Humidity measurement range: 0% ~ 100%
  • IAQ measurement range: 0?~500
  • Air pressure measurement range: 300 ~ 1100hpa
  • Response frequency: default 3 seconds each time
  • Working voltage: 3~5 V
  • Average operating current: 5mA
  • Working temperature: -40°~ 85°
  • Storage temperature: -40°~ 125°
  • Size: 12mm × 30mm
  • Using the chip: ME680+STM32
Product Characteristics
  • Small volume
  • High cost performance
  • Serial communication format
  • Directly output visual data
  • Handheld instrumentation
  • Indoor air quality quality testing
  • Weather forecast system
  • Home automation and control
  • Internet of Things, Internet
  • Outdoor recreation and sports



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