Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 光感測器

Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 光感測器

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Grove – Light Sensor v1.2  光感測器

Grove – Light Sensor 在測量光照水平,但具有更高的可靠性和靈敏度。它是一個模擬模組,輸出可以轉換到不同量程的各種電信號(這取決於控制器板上的模數轉換器,例如,8位ADC可以輸出0-255) 。它集成了一個高靈敏度和可靠的光電三極管,就像其他的Grove模組一樣,它與Grove端口連接,可以為您節省大量的接線工作。

Grove-Light 傳感器集成了一個光敏電阻(光敏電阻)來檢測光的強度。當光線強度增加時,光敏電阻的阻值減小。板上的雙路OpAmp芯片LM358產生對應於光強度(即基於電阻值)的電壓。輸出信號是模擬值,光線越亮,數值越大。


  • 模擬值輸出
  • 高可靠性和敏感性
  • 佔地面積小
  • 認識更廣泛的頻譜


As an updated version of Grove – Light Sensor 1.0, the Grove – Light Sensor v1.2 is also aimed at measuring light levels, however with higher reliability and sensibility. It is an analog module and output various electrical signals which can be converted to different ranges (It depends on the Analog-to-Digital-Converter on your controller board. For example, it can output 0-255 for an 8-bit ADC). It integrates a high-sensitive and reliable phototriode, and just like other grove modules, it is interfaced with Grove port which can save you a lot work in wiring.

  • Easy to use since it is interfaced with Grove port.
  • High reliability and sensibility.
  • Small footprint
  • Recognize wider spectrum.

Technical Details

Dimensions20mm x 20mm x 18mm
WeightG.W 5g    N.W 4g
Operating voltage(V)3-5 V
Operating current(mA)0.5-3 mA
Response time20 ~ 30 milliseconds
Peak Wavelength540 nm

Part List

Grove – Light Sensor V1.21
Grove Cable1



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