DHT22 單總線數字溫濕度感測器模組 AM2302 溫度濕度 傳感器


DHT22 單總線數字溫濕度感測器模組 AM2302 溫度濕度 傳感器

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DHT22 單總線數字溫濕度感測器模組 AM2302 溫度濕度 傳感器

DHT22 單總線數字溫濕度感測器模組 另一個名稱為 AM2302 溫溼度傳感器 是一款含有已校準數位信號輸出的溫濕度複合感測器。它應用專用的數位模組採集技術和溫濕度傳感技術,確保產品具有極 高的可靠性與卓越的長期穩定性。 DHT22 感測器包括一個電容式感濕元件和一個NTC 測溫元件,並與一個高性能8位單片機相連接。因此該產品具有品質卓越、超 快回應、抗干擾能力強、性價比極高等優點。每個AM2302 感測器都在極為精確 的濕度校驗室中進行校準。校準係數以程式的形式儲存在OTP記憶體中,感測器 內部在檢測信號的處理過程中要調用這些校準係數。單線制序列介面,使系統 集成變得簡易快捷。超小的體積、極低的功耗,信號傳輸距離可達20米以上, 使其成為各類應用甚至最為苛刻的應用場合的最佳選則。 DHT22 產品為 4 針單排引 腳封裝。連接方便,特殊封裝形式可根據使用者需求而提供。

  • 1.工作電壓:3V–5.5V
  • 2.傳感器型號:奧松AM2302溫濕度傳感器
  • 3.信號輸出形式:數字信號
  • 4.溫度測量範圍:-40℃–80℃
  • 5.測量精度:0.5℃
  • 6.濕度測量範圍:0–100%RH
  • 7.測量精度:2%RH
  • 8.分辨率:16位
  • 9.帶固定螺絲孔,方便安裝及固定。孔徑2.6mm




// Example testing sketch for various DHT humidity/temperature sensors
// Written by ladyada, public domain

#include "DHT.h"

#define DHTPIN 2     // what digital pin we're connected to

// Uncomment whatever type you're using!
//#define DHTTYPE DHT11   // DHT 11
#define DHTTYPE DHT22   // DHT 22  (AM2302), AM2321
//#define DHTTYPE DHT21   // DHT 21 (AM2301)

// Connect pin 1 (on the left) of the sensor to +5V
// NOTE: If using a board with 3.3V logic like an Arduino Due connect pin 1
// to 3.3V instead of 5V!
// Connect pin 2 of the sensor to whatever your DHTPIN is
// Connect pin 4 (on the right) of the sensor to GROUND
// Connect a 10K resistor from pin 2 (data) to pin 1 (power) of the sensor

// Initialize DHT sensor.
// Note that older versions of this library took an optional third parameter to
// tweak the timings for faster processors.  This parameter is no longer needed
// as the current DHT reading algorithm adjusts itself to work on faster procs.

void setup() {
  Serial.println("DHTxx test!");


void loop() {
  // Wait a few seconds between measurements.

  // Reading temperature or humidity takes about 250 milliseconds!
  // Sensor readings may also be up to 2 seconds 'old' (its a very slow sensor)
  float h = dht.readHumidity();
  // Read temperature as Celsius (the default)
  float t = dht.readTemperature();
  // Read temperature as Fahrenheit (isFahrenheit = true)
  float f = dht.readTemperature(true);

  // Check if any reads failed and exit early (to try again).
  if (isnan(h) || isnan(t) || isnan(f)) {
    Serial.println("Failed to read from DHT sensor!");

  // Compute heat index in Fahrenheit (the default)
  float hif = dht.computeHeatIndex(f, h);
  // Compute heat index in Celsius (isFahreheit = false)
  float hic = dht.computeHeatIndex(t, h, false);

  Serial.print("Humidity: ");
  Serial.print(" %t");
  Serial.print("Temperature: ");
  Serial.print(" *C ");
  Serial.print(" *Ft");
  Serial.print("Heat index: ");
  Serial.print(" *C ");
  Serial.println(" *F");

DHT22 Single Bus Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor 2302 Module

DHT22 output calibrated digital signal. It utilizes exclusive digital-signal-collecting-technique and humidity sensing technology, assuring its reliability and stability.Its sensing elements is connected with 8-bit single-chip computer.

Every sensor of this model is temperature compensated and calibrated in accurate calibration chamber and the calibration-coefficient is saved in type of programme in OTP memory, when the sensor is detecting, it will cite coefficient from memory.  Small size & low consumption & long transmission distance(20m) enable DHT22 to be suited in all kinds of harsh application occasions.
Single-row packaged with four pins, making the connection very convenient

1. Size: 28.2 mm (length) * 13.1 mm (width) * 10 mm (high).
2. Weight: 6 g.
3. Working voltage: 3 V – 5.5 V.
4. The sensor models: the loose AM2302 temperature and humidity sensor.
5. Signal output form: digital signal.
6. Temperature measurement range: – 40c to 80c.
7. Measuring accuracy: 0.5c.
8. The humidity measuring range: 0-100% RH.
9. Measuring accuracy: 2% RH.
10. Resolution: 16.
11. With fixed screw holes, convenient installation and fixation. Diameter of 2.6 mm.

Package Contents:
1 x DHT22 Single Bus Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor 2302 Module.



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