CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板 / 汽車檢測擴展板


CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板 / 汽車檢測擴展板

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CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板 / 汽車檢測擴展板

CAN-BUS是一種通用的工業總線,因為它的行程長,通信速度快,可靠性高。它在現代機床上常見,也可作為汽車診斷總線。感謝CAN-BUS,製造商能夠更方便地破解他們的汽車。為了更方便地與汽車進行交互,我們發布了帶有SPI接口的MCP2515 CAN-BUS控制器和MCP2551 CAN收發器的 CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板 ,為您提供Arduino / Seeeduino CAN-BUS 功能。

以前我們做了兩個版本的CAN-BUS Shield,V1.0和V1.2。他們都是我們的用戶廣泛喜歡的令人敬畏的盾牌。為了做得更好,幾個月前我們對CAN-BUS Shield V1.2進行了一次調查,得到了很多有價值的建議(感謝所有回复給我們的用戶),所以我們決定做一個更新,這裡是 – CAN總線屏蔽V2。

CAN-BUS Shield V2 CAN Bus Arduin 擴展板

CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板  仍然使用MCP2515作為CAN總線控制器和MCP2551作為CAN收發器。儘管如此,還是有很多更新。首先也是最重要的,可以通過在DB9接口上切換跳線來選擇OBD-II或CAN標準引腳,默認引腳為OBD-II。其次,我們增加了一個TF卡槽用於數據存儲,CS引腳可以設置為D4或D5。INT引腳也可以通過切換屏蔽背面的跳線來設置為D2或D3。如果要使用2個以上的CAN總線屏蔽,則需要切斷P1焊盤。在V2中,我們將P1焊盤從正面移到了背面,以便於切割和焊接。所有在一個,有更多的定制選項。

CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板

考慮到D0 / D1引腳通常用於下載代碼,我們將串行Grove連接器更改為引腳A0 / A1。I2C grove連接器也改為更合理的標準SDA / SCL引腳,而不是以前的A4 / A5。兩個Grove連接器都變成了水平的而不是垂直於屏蔽,這樣連接到其他Grove模組時會更方便。

CAN-BUS Shield V2 控制器區域網路擴展板 有什麼新功能


  • 通過在DB9接口上切換跳線,可以選擇OBD-II或CAN標準引腳,默認引腳為OBD-II。
  • 為數據存儲添加一個TF卡槽,CS引腳可以設置為D4或D5。
  • 通過切換屏蔽罩背面的跳線,可以將INT引腳設置為D2或D3。
  • 將P1墊從前面移到屏蔽後面,使其更易於切割和焊接。
  • 考慮到D0 / D1引腳通常用於下載代碼,我們將串行Grove連接器更改為引腳A0 / A1。
  • I2C grove連接器也改為更合理的標準SDA / SCL引腳,而不是以前的A4 / A5。
  • 兩個Grove連接器都變成了水平的而不是垂直於屏蔽,這樣連接到其他Grove模組時會更方便。


  • 添加功能和示例來訪問你的車的數據。
  • 添加讀取SD卡的功能。
  • 添加示例將您的汽車數據存儲到SD卡中。
  • 修正一些錯誤並優化一些程序。



控制器區域網路 (Controller Area Network,簡稱CAN或者CAN bus) 是一種功能豐富的車用匯流排標準。被設計用於在不需要主機(Host)的情況下,允許網路上的單晶片和儀器相互通訊。 它基於訊息傳遞協定,設計之初在車輛上採用復用通訊線纜,以降低銅線使用量,後來也被其他行業所使用。

CAN建立在基於資訊導向傳輸協定的廣播機制(Broadcast Communication Mechanism)上。其根據資訊的內容,利用資訊標誌符(Message Identifier,每個標誌符在整個網路中獨一無二)來定義內容和訊息的優先順序進行傳遞,而並非指派特定站點位址(Station Address)的方式。

CAN-BUS 受歡迎且容易上手

CAN BUS 可提供低價位且耐用的網路,以溝通多組 CAN 裝置。舉例來說,電子控制單元 (ECU) 僅需單一的 CAN 介面,即可取代系統中所有裝置的類比與數位輸入。如此即可降低汽車的整體成本與重量。網路中的各組裝置均具備了 CAN 控制器晶片,因此更具智慧型功能。在網路中的所有裝置均可接收相關訊息。各組裝置亦可自行辨識該筆訊息是否相關並予以篩選。此外,各筆訊息均具有其優先性。若有 2 個節點同時嘗試傳送訊息,則具有較高優先性的訊息將先行發出,低優先性的訊號將延後傳送。

CAN-BUS Shield V2

CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. It is commonly found on modern machine tools and as an automotive diagnostic bus. Thanks for CAN-BUS, makers are able to hack their cars more conveniently. In order to make it more convenient to interact with cars, we released the CAN-BUS Shield which adopts MCP2515 CAN-BUS controller with SPI interface and MCP2551 CAN transceiver to give you Arduino/Seeeduino CAN-BUS capability.

CAN-BUS Shield V2

Previously we have made two versions of CAN-BUS Shield, the V1.0 and V1.2. They are all awesome shields that widely liked by our users. In order to make it better, several months ago we conducted a survey about CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 and received many valuable advices (Thanks to all the users who replied to us), so we decided to make an update and here it is – CAN-BUS Shield V2.

CAN-BUS Shield V2

The CAN-BUS Shield V2 still uses MCP2515 as CAN-BUS controller and MCP2551 as CAN transceiver. Despite of that, there are really many updates. First and most importantly, OBD-II or CAN standard pinout can be selected by switching jumpers on DB9 interface, the default pinout is OBD-II. Secondly we add a TF card slot for data storage and the CS pin can be either set to D4 or D5. The INT pin can also be set to D2 or D3 by switching jumpers on the back of the shield. If you want to use more than 2 CAN-BUS Shield, it is needed to cut P1 pad. In V2, we moved the P1 pad from front to the back of the shield to make it easier to cut and solder. All in one, there are more options for customization.


Consider that the D0/D1 pin are usually used for downloading code, we changed the serial Grove connector to pin A0/A1. The I2C grove connector is also changed to more reasonable standard SDA/SCL pin instead of previous A4/A5. The two grove connectors are both changed to horizontal rather than vertical to the shield so that it would be more convenient when connecting to other grove modules.

  • Implements CAN V2.0B at up to 1 Mb/s
  • Industrial standard 9 pin sub-D connector
  • OBD-II and CAN standard pinout selectable.
  • Changeable chip select pin
  • Changeable CS pin for TF card slot
  • Changeable INT pin
  • Screw terminal that easily to connect CAN_H and CAN_L
  • Arduino Uno pin headers
  • 2 Grove connectors (I2C and UART)
  • SPI Interface up to 10 MHz
  • Standard (11 bit) and extended (29 bit) data and remote frames
  • Two receive buffers with prioritized message storage

Version Tracker

Features V1.2 V2.0
CAN-BUS Controller MCP2515 MCP2515
CAN Transceiver MCP2551 MCP2551
Default OBD Pinout OBD-II Standard OBD-II Standard
CAN Standard Pinout Not compatible Compatible (jumper)
INT Pin Not changeable D2 or D3 (jumper)
CS pin for TF card slot No TF card slot D4 or D5 (jumper)
P1 pad Front of the shied Back of the shield
Serial Grove D0/D1 A0/A1
I2C Grove A4/A5 SDA/SCL
Grove Orientation Vertical Horizontal


CAN BUS Shield Work well with Arduino UNO (ATmega328), Arduino Mega (ATmega1280/2560) as well as Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4) and LinkIt One, if you want to use it with the others board, please contact us for more details.

Arduino UNO Arduino Mega Arduino  Leonardo
CAN-Bus Shield V2 Compatible Compatible Compatible

Technical Details

Dimensions 74.8mm x 53.4mm x 27.1mm
Weight G.W 49g
Battery Exclude

Part List

CAN-BUS Shield V2 1



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