Arduino 20A 電流傳感器 交流直流兩用 具高壓隔離


Arduino 20A 電流傳感器 交流直流兩用 具高壓隔離

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Arduino 20A 電流傳感器 交流直流兩用

Arduino 20A 電流傳感器 交流直流兩用 採用ACS712霍爾電流感應晶片,具有量程大、簡單易用、體積小巧、精度較高、無需焊接等特點,可用於直流電流和交流電流的測量。在設計上做了高壓隔離,確保使用的安全性。模組輸出的電壓線性對應測量電流,且介面為 Gravity 3P介面,隨插即用。


  • Gravity 3-Pin接口
  • 模擬量輸出
  • 高壓隔離
  • 可測量直流與交流


  • 供電電壓:5.0V
  • 測量電流:0 ~ ±20A DC, 0 ~ 17A(RMS) AC
  • 測量容忍電壓:220V AC, 311V DC
  • 相對誤差:±3%
  • 尺寸:39mm * 22mm *17mm
  • 接口:Gravity PH2.0-3P 模擬口
  • 重量:18g


  • 20A電流傳感器模塊 x1
  • PH2.0-3P模擬量連接線 x1


Gravity: Analog 20A Current Sensor (AC/DC)

This Gravity Analog 20A current sensor is based on the Hall current sensing principle. It can be used for AC or DC current measurement, has a wide voltage range, a small footprint, requires no soldering and has a high level of precision.

We have added high-voltage isolation in the circuit design for safety reasons and a non-conductive acrylic plate has been attached to the bottom of the PCB to prevent accidents such as short circuits, electric shocks and any other potential danger.

This component is the newest member of our Gravity series. All Gravity components include a standard 3-pin interface to make it simple to use and easy to connect to all Arduino compatible boards. It is ideal for any automation control applications.
Arduino 20A 電流傳感器



  • Gravity 3 pin interface
  • Analog voltage output
  • High voltage isolation
  • Measures DC and AC current


  • Power Supply: +5.0V
  • Current Range: 0 ~ ±20A DC,0 ~ 17A (RMS) AC
  • Measurement Endure: 220V AC, 311V DC
  • Relative Error: ±3%
  • Dimension: 39 * 22 * 17mm/ 1.53 * 0.87 * 0.67 inches
  • Interface: Gravity PH2.0-3P
  • Weight: 18g



  • Gravity: Analog 20A Current Sensor x1
  • Gravity Analog Sensor Cable x1



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