Particulate Matter Sensor – SPS30 顆粒物傳感器 SENSIRION 原裝進口


Particulate Matter Sensor – SPS30 顆粒物傳感器 SENSIRION  原裝進口

Sensirion Particulate Matter Sensor – SPS30 顆粒物傳感器 顆粒物傳感器SPS30是緊湊,高質量的光學顆粒傳感器,它使用激光散射和Sensirion的創新抗污染技術來實現出色的分箱和顆粒測量。該傳感器允許用戶測量質量濃度和1 µg / m ^ 3、2.5 µg / m ^ 3、4 µg / m ^ 3和10 µg / m ^ 3的顆粒數。

SPS30的緊湊型外形尺寸僅為41mm x 41mm x 12mm,結合了8年以上的使用壽命和自動清潔程序,使其成為難以接近項目的理想傳感器。我們設計並包括了易於使用的5針電纜,使使用SPS30變得輕而易舉。1.5mm連接器分為5條麵包板友好電線,並用顏色編碼,以使連接SPS30變得容易。

該SPS30有一個五針接口,可以在兩個不同的協議進行通信:UART和我2 ℃。SPS30需要5V電源,但可以用3.3V和5V微控制器工作。邏輯容差為5V和3.3V。

Sensirion已為UART協議和I 2 C編寫了驅動程序。不幸的是,使用Arduino平台,我們發現I 2 C僅限於質量濃度(而不是數字濃度)。因此,如果您打算將此傳感器與Arduino一起使用,請使用UART接口。兩種接口均在其數據表中進行了描述。


The Sensirion Particulate Matter Sensor SPS30 is a compact, high quality, optical particle sensor that uses laser scattering and Sensirion’s innovative contamination resistance technology to achieve superior binning and particle measurement. This sensor allows users to measure mass concentration and number of particles of 1 µg/m^3, 2.5 µg/m^3, 4 µg/m^3, and 10 µg/m^3.

The compact form factor, measuring just under 41mm x 41mm x 12mm, combined with a sensor lifetime over 8 years and a self cleaning procedure, makes the SPS30 the perfect sensor for projects in difficult to access locations. We’ve designed and included an easy to use 5-pin cable to make using the SPS30 a snap. The 1.5mm connector is broken out to 5 breadboard friendly wires color coded to make hooking up the SPS30 easy.

The SPS30 has a five pin interface that can communicate over two different protocols: UART and I2C. The SPS30 requires a 5V power supply, but can work with 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. The logic is 5V and 3.3V tolerant.

Sensirion has written drivers for both the UART protocol and I2C. Unfortunately we’ve found the I2C is limited to only mass concentrations (not number concentrations) using the Arduino platform. So if you plan to use this sensor with an Arduino, use the UART interface. Both interfaces are described in their datasheet.





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